Demeter and also Dionysus it seems to be ~ a good place to start as soon as thinking about the stories of gods and goddesses because they stand for bread and also wine.  Both are gods the the earth, not fairly so unpredictable together the immortal gods of Olympus whose capriciousness wasn't constantly in the ideal interest that humans.

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Demeter (in Latin Ceres) is the Goddess that the Corn older 보다 her equivalent Dionysus (also well-known as Bacchus).  due to the fact that men visited war and women toiled in the areas it was only natural for the ancients to develop a goddess to represent the corn harvest.  Her temple was in a tiny town close to Athens dubbed Eleusis, whereby a good festival would take location every 5 years.  It to be a spiritual festival, however, and also the ceremony the would occur in the temple was surrounding in secrecy together those who took component in that weren't enabled to speak the it.

The Greeks would have actually worshipped Demeter; the awareness was recognized as the Eleusinian Mysteries.  The Roman, Cicero, wrote around them.

"Nothing is higher than this mysteries.  They have sweetened ours characters and softened ours customs; they have made us pass native the problem of savages to true humanity.  They have not only displayed us the means to live joyfully, yet they have taught us how to die with a far better hope."

Although for hundreds of years the Eleusinian Mysteries to be of an excellent importance to men, over time they waned and died out, no doubt as result of the secrecy in i m sorry they were shrouded and the festival that Dionysus would concerned the fore.

Being god of the planet they didn't reap the near perfect happy-go-lucky existence that the Olympian gods did.  their lives, prefer those the the Greeks to be filled through their share of pain and suffering.  maintaining in mind that the ancient Greeks developed these myths to describe nature, if the gods may have actually reveled throughout the growing season and particularly during the harvest, the seasons readjust and darkness falls.  The ancients come up with stories to explain what happens v the transforming of the season.  now I'm acquiring to the great stuff--the story themselves.

The myth of Demeter is one ns have constantly remembered.  Edith Hamilton writes that the story is told just in a very early poem, one of the Homeric Hymns dating from the eighth or start of the seventh century.  Demeter had an just daughter named Persephone that was taken far by Hades to the underworld.  actors into grief she allowed the people to turn right into a frozen, barren desert.  Demeter satellite in her holy place on earth, not returning to Olympus.  lastly Zeus had actually to step in and also made his brother, Hades, relinquish Persephone but not prior to Hades made her eat a pomegranate seed.  This ensured the she would go back to him because that at least component of the year.  thus the reason we have actually winter every year--Persephone has returned to she husband Hades in the underworld. 

Dionysus is an altogether various kettle the fish.  Unsurprisingly because that the god the the vine (and wine) he has actually both a an excellent and poor side come him.  he is the only god who does not have two divine parents.  Zeus was his father and a Theban princess named Semele his mother.  when again Hera was provoked through Zeus's infidelity and caused a fairly unfortunate ending for Semele, but not before Zeus controlled to snatch Dionysus away.  Hamilton shares a couple of stories about him, which i think i won't recount here for are afraid of letting my post run on too long, however there are a couple of notable things about Dionysus that room worth knowing.

Dionysus to be a god guy worshipped and also who could carry to them one of two people "freedom and ecstatic pleasure or savage brutality.  throughout the story the his life he is periodically man's blessing, occasionally his ruin." That probably sums up pretty tidily just just how wine affect man.  therefore Dionysus can either raise male to happy heights or damage him.  because of Dionysus's capacity to be one of two people within man or external of him, it carried on a new means of thinking.  man could become divine--"be possessed by a power higher than themselves" thanks to the god Dionysus.  not a case the various other gods can make.

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"It is not recognized when the an excellent change took place, lifting the god who freed them through inspiration, but one an extremely remarkable an outcome of it made Dionysus for all future ages the most necessary of the god in Greece."

The festival that Dionysus became really important.  the took location in spring as soon as the vine began to bloom as soon as again.  that sounds choose it was a quite raucous time.  not only might people  no be put in prison but some sinner were let the end to take component in the celebrations.  The celebrations didn't take location in a holy place or the wild wilderness, however.

"It to be a theater; and also the ceremony was the performance of a play.  The greatest poetry in greek and amongst the best in the world, was composed for Dionysus.  The poets who wrote the plays, the actors and singers that took part in them, were all related to as servants of the god.  The performances were sacred; the spectators, too, along with the writers and also the performers, were engaged in an act of worship.  Dionysus himself was supposed to be present; his priest had actually the seat of honor."

There was one an ext aspect the Dionysus--along with being an inspiration for males (good and bad), there to be an assurance through him for male that death was not the end.  His worshippers thought that the soul lives on forever, because he himself no only died (Hera's orders when again), yet was brought earlier to life.  I discover this all really interesting.  also though Hamilton notes that the stories around the god were just that and that the gods were not their religion, lock still venerated them and also built temples and had festivals, therefore I'm curious what the delineation was.  Mankind always likes gift able to describe the world and also what wake up after death, and also their worship of Dionysus sounds a lot choose religion come me.