In the early component of the 20th century, ____________ said forcefully for continental drift

Alfred Wegener

The continent drift theory was rejected primarily due to the fact that Alfred Wegener can not __________.

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identify a mechanism capable of moving continents.

All the the following are proof supporting the concept of bowl tectonics other than for _____.

Changes in the moon’s orbits because of shifting plates

____________ was an ancient reptile that lived in South America and also Africa during the late Paleozoic.


Linear, magnetic patterns linked with mid-ocean ridges are configured together ____________.

normal and reversed magnetized strips around parallel come the ridge

____________ most properly outline the edges of the lithospheric plates

Lines the earthquake epicenters

The surface ar manifestation the the task of a mantle plume is known as a ______

hot spot

Which of the following power sources is believed to drive the lateral motions of Earth’s lithospheric plates?

export of warm from deep in the mantle to the height of the asthenosphere

Deep-oceanic trenches are most abundant roughly the pickled in salt of the ____________ s basin.


continental rift zones space generally linked with a __________ plate boundary


A usual rate of seafloor dispersing in the Atlantic s is ____________.

2 centimeters per year

The volcanoes and also deep valleys of east Africa are concerned a ____________.

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Continental rift follow me which parts of the afri continent are start to gradually separate

The modern Red Sea is explained by bowl tectonics theory due to the fact that it is ____________.

a rift zone that may at some point open right into a major ocean if Arabia and Africa proceed to separate

New oceanic crust and lithosphere are created at ____________

divergent borders by submarine eruptions and intrusions that basaltic magma

Deep ocean trenches are the surface ar manifestations that ____

sinking of oceanic lithosphere right into the mantle at a subduction zone

The ____________ is an instance of one active, continent-continent collision?

northward motion of India into Eurasia

Cooler, older, oceanic lithosphere sinks right into the mantle at ______

subduction area along convergent key boundaries

The Aleutian Islands occur at a ___________

convergent boundary on a volcano arc over a northward-subducting Pacific plate

A change plate boundary is characterized by ________

a deep, vertical fault follow me which two plates slide previous one an additional in the contrary directions

Which one of the following most accurately describes the volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands?

shield volcanoes fed through a long-lived warm spot below the Pacific lithospheric plate