The 7th track of Dead Kennedys‘ 1981 EP In God we Trust, Inc, later reissued as the 20th monitor on the CD edition of their 1982 album Plastic surgical treatment Disasters. “We’ve got a… check out More 

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Last call for alcohol, last call for your flexibility of speechDrink up, Happy Hour is now applied by lawDon't forget our residence special, it's referred to as a Trickie Dickie Screwdriver, it's gained one part Jack Daniels, two components purple Kool-Aid, and also a jigger that formaldehyde indigenous the jar through Hitler's brain in it ​we've gained in the back storeroomHappy trails come you, happy trails come you!I to be Emperor Ronald ReaganBorn again v fascist cravingsStill, friend made me presidentHuman rights will shortly go 'wayI am currently your shaman todayNow i command every one of youNow you're going come pray in schoolI'll make sure they're Christian tooCalifornia über allesCalifornia über allesÜber alles CaliforniaÜber alles CaliforniaShab shabba, shabba doo-wahShab shabba, shabba doo-wah, yeah!Ku Klux Klan will manage youStill, girlfriend think it's naturalNigga knockin' because that the master raceStill, you wear the happy faceYou closed her eyes, can't occur hereAlexander Haig is nearVietnam won't come ago you sayJoin the military or you will pay
California über allesCalifornia über allesÜber alles CaliforniaÜber alles CaliforniaYeah, that's it. Just relaxHave another drink, couple of more pretzels, little much more MSGTurn on those Dallas Cowboys on your TVLock her doors. Close your mindIt's time because that the two-minute warningWelcome come 1984!Are you prepared for the 3rd world war?You two will satisfy the mystery policeThey'll draft you and they'll jail her nieceYou'll go quiet to boot camp!They'll shoot girlfriend dead, make you a manDon't you worry, it's because that a causeFeeding worldwide corporations' clawsDie on ours brand brand-new poison gasEl Salvador or AfghanistanMaking money because that President ReaganMaking money for President Reagan!And all the girlfriend of chairman Reagan!

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California über allesCalifornia über allesÜber alles CaliforniaÜber alles CaliforniaAh ah ahAh, ah, ahHa, ha, ha ha!