Last week the Raza crew tested the “blink” drive and also landed…somewhere. Is it the future? Alternating universe? Let’s uncover out shall we?

The Raza tested moving to an additional sector of the galaxy utilizing the battach modern technology they stole from Alicia Reynaud (Inga Cadranel). The ship is in poor shape. Android (Zoie Palmer) is trying to deflect power right into the damaged areas. She reports that they just went 1.2 miles from their original place. However before, they are obtaining a distress and anxiety contact from the station where they left Nyx (Melanie Liburd) and also Devon (Shaun Lipos). When they reach the space terminal it’s destroyed! What the hell occurred to Nyx and also Devon? More up, they watch a battle going on. Android detects three ships. They are able to get a visual.

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It looks favor the Raza is going toe to toe through some substantial ships. Have they entered the twilight zone? Is this the future? Then they see the ship disappear! Blink! Two (Melissa O’Neil) is favor what just happened? Android defines that they must have actually supplied a functional blink drive. Two orders Android to gain them ago yet prior to they have the right to go, they are assaulted by the Mikkei Corporation. Two orders Five (Jodelle Ferland) and Android to rotate off the blink drive so they can FTL out of there and also the others will certainly organize off Mikkei. The ships keep attacking but Raza starts firing back. Two inevitably hales the ship requesting them to stand also dvery own. They are not adversaries. They are cool through Commander Delaney Truffault (Tori Higginson). Truffault is choose, “Um what’re you talking about? The Raza has actually struck numerous outarticles and also various other ships. We ain’t friends!” She will certainly blast them if they try to leave. Two comguarantees and also lets them board, specifically when she mentions the bconnect drive. Two asks Five and also Android their standing. The battach drive is fried and they need around a ½ hour to switch stuff approximately to FTL. Two will attempt to delay as much as feasible.

Android joins Two as she starts locking dvery own the ship. The boys are going to stay hidden and also Five will certainly still be in the engine room resolving the FTL. Android has actually a theory about what may have actually occurred. She thinks that they popped up in an alternate world, which would certainly explain the Mikkei hostility and also the other Raza.

With that in mind Two decides to be upfront about that theory with Truffault. The Commander laughs off Two’s explanation and also decides to still take the battach drive even though it’s damaged. They additionally reach an impasse once Truffault desires to take them to Central wbelow her bosses will decide what to perform with the Raza crew while Two is favor nope. However before, Truffault starts talking a different tune once she hears from her civilization that the other Raza just did one more strike. The others come out of hiding into the navigation room wbelow Two announces that in order for them to gain house to their universe, they will certainly have to go after the various other Raza. That shouldn’t be also tough. No pressure.

Android checks via Five who is practically done fixing the FTL. Android updays her about the others rebrowsing their different selves. Five doesn’t want to know bereason it gives her a negative feeling. It turns out that in some means she is best because once Six aka Kal (Roger Cross) checks his transform ego he finds out he passed away. Six watches a video clip of the various other Kal reporting around the Raza crew once Portia aka Two shoots him dead. So this makes me think that Five in this world didn’t make it onto the Raza to conserve Six. Ouch.

Two has actually been watching news reports around the attacks versus Mikkei Corp. Commander Neimale (David Richmond-Peck) from Ferrous Corp is denying that they are component of the conspiracy, placing all of the blame on the Raza for being anti-corporate. Tbelow is the thought that Ferrous might have actually hired the Raza versus their rivals. Another exciting piece of news was a current attack by Portia against Dwarf Technologies killing the CEO, Alexander Rook (Wil Wheaton). The news report mentions Marcus Boone (Anthony Lemke) and Portia yet not any kind of of the various other crew members. Four (Alex Mallari Jr) enters asking what she has actually learned. They are simply as famous in that world as their very own. Four knows what his transform ego Ryo has been approximately. Apparently he regulated to end up being king of his nation. Four has the idea that he can pretend to be Ryo to bait the various other Raza.

Dark Matter S2E8: Melissa O’Neil and also Anthony Lemke

Speaking of the other Raza, Marcus Boone reports to Portia Lin that he “spaced” some prisoners. That turns Portia on so they make out a tiny little once Four, masquerading as Ryo, video calls them. He entices them right into a mission and also he will sfinish some collaborates given that there are spies in his court. Portia and Marcus take the bait. When they arrive we see double!

Dark Matter S2E8: Marc Bendavid as Jace Corso

Two takes Portia’s coat, because it looks awesome! Three and Two make it onto the other Raza and also they automatically go to the engine room to acquire the bconnect drive. Unfortunately, prior to they have the right to obtain to it the ship blinks. Two and Three head to the bridge, wright here they see Wexler (Ennis Esmer), Tash (Jessica Sipos), and also last but not leastern Jace Corso (Marc Bendavid). Two tries to subtly order them to go earlier to the room station but Jace and also Wexler got a call from Neimale anxious for them to handle issues through a mining colony so that’s where they blinked to. Wexler asks if Two is coming. Reluctantly she goes, leaving Three through the various other 2.

Portia and also Marcus acquire locked up in the cell by Four. Portia seems to have actually already figured out what occurred yet Four doesn’t want to recognize. Android tells hin that Truffault is calling. She asks for an update. Four comes clean about the other Raza blinking somewhere. The excellent point is Two and also Three as far as they know are still on board and also Four has Lin and Boone locked up. Truffault is on her way tright here to them.

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On the mining colony Two lets Wexler know she will be doing the talking. Wexler reminds her that he always does. Two confirms that they are repping Ferrous Corp to the miners. The miners want self-reliance and also are willing to kill for their freedom and also may gain started by killing the messengers. Two wants to simply talk for currently. One of the miners leads her and Wexler into a room.