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Countries That begin with The Letter T


Tanzania is alphabetically the first country that starts with the letter “T” in the continent the Africa. That is located in eastern Africa and also is a member the the east African Community and the afri Union. Tanzania is home to Africa’s highest possible peak and also the civilization famous Serengeti nationwide Reserve. The Togolese Republic popularly referred to as Togo is west African country located eastern of Ghana and west of Benin. It reasonably a little country with a populace of roughly 8 million and an area that 21,925 sq mi. Tunisia is a sovereign country in north Africa. It borders Algeria, Libya, and also the Mediterranean Sea. It is house to about 12 million people. Cape Angela is Tunisia’s and also Africa’s northernmost point.

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Thailand, Tajikistan, and also Turkmenistan are the only three countries beginning with the letter “T” that are wholly in the continent the Asia. Turkey is transcontinental state and although a huge part the the nation is located on the oriental continent a smaller part of the state is situated in south-east Europe. The nation is residence to an estimated 82.8 million. Thailand is residence to about 69 million human being is located in south-east Asia. Tajikistan is additionally located in central Asia west that China. It has actually a population of about 8.7 million. Turkmenistan, formerly Turkmenia is situated in central Asia. That is bordered through Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and also the Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan has actually a population of about 5.7 million.


Trinidad and also Tobago is a twin-island located in the Caribbean 6.8 miles from Venezuela and also 81 miles southern of Granada. It is a can be fried state through an estimated population of 1.35 million and also an area the 1,981 sq mi.


Tonga, officially the Kingdom of Tonga, is composed of 169 islands. Thirty-six of the islands are inhabited. The full landmass is about 290 sq mi spread out over one area of 270,000 sq mi. Tonga has actually an estimated populace of 108,000. Tuvalu, officially referred as Ellice islands is located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii. The country consists of 6 true atolls and also three reef islands. It has actually a population of around 10,500 and also its complete land massive is ten sq mi.

Countries Not well-known By The United countries

The UN walk not acknowledge Taiwan together a can be fried state. The number of sovereign claims is collection to rise later as several says to-be look for sovereignty, consisting of Transnistria.

Countries That start With The Letter T

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Countries That start With The Letter T
Trinidad and Tobago