You have the right to use the adhering to code to inspect the package in which the duty is contained:"function_name") or ??function_name

To discover the function, use the following functions:




You can also use the findFn from the sos package to display screen the packages containing the function as follows:

install.packages("sos") library("sos") findFn("function_name")

It will open a web page that will present all the libraries wherein the duty is contained.

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answeredAug 2, 2019by ashely(50.2k points)

This error usually occurs once a package has actually not to be loaded right into R via the library, so R walk not understand where to discover the stated function. That a good practice to use the library attributes on every one of the packages you will certainly be utilizing in the peak R chunk in your R Markdown file, which is usually given the chunk name setup.

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