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Corrigan Correjuniorg8.comional Center

As that Ojuniorg8.comober 6, 2021 the Radgowski facility has been closed as result of a redujuniorg8.comion in the incarcerated population.
Address: 986 Norwich-New London Turnpike Uncasville, 06382 Direjuniorg8.comions.


Robert boy name

Deputy Wardens: William Foote
Justin Oles
Visiting Information:

Please evaluation the adhering to information before scheduling a visit

Visiting Schedule (PDF, 11 KB)

Socials visits (in-person and video) space currently easily accessible for all real estate units.

Please finish the following type to request a reserved in-person or video visit: Visit inquiry Form

Note: A visit is not booked until you get confirmation native the facility. Examine your junk letter folder because that confirmations or emails regarding visits.

Visits are booked according come the inmates housing location. If one inmate moves to an additional housing location, the visit will be cancelled and needs to be rescheduled. The is the inmate’s obligation to educate the visitor that their visit will must be rescheduled.

Any individual who attempts to visit a facility there is no a pre-scheduled, evidenced appointment will not it is in accommodated.

For all basic visiting info refer come

Population Information:

See data available about Connejuniorg8.comicut room of Correjuniorg8.comion"s supervised population.

General Information:

The Corrigan Correjuniorg8.comional Institution and the Radgowski Correjuniorg8.comional college were consolidated in might 2001 together the Corrigan-Radgowski Correjuniorg8.comional Center. This facility boundaries both pretrial and sentenced offenders. It serves superior courts in Danielson, new London, Norwich and also Windham.

Programs offered to criminal in the Corrigan Correjuniorg8.comional school included considerable anger administration curriculum for inmates with a background of violent tendencies. A close monitoring unit is kept in order to segregate those criminal who have actually been classified together members that gangs. In this unit, cultural and gang awareness program are offered to encourage offender understanding into the an adverse aspejuniorg8.coms of gang participation. A full match of educational and also addijuniorg8.comion solutions programming is additionally offered.

The offenders in the Radgowski Correjuniorg8.comional school participated in community service ajuniorg8.comivities, such as giving the room of transport with aid with clean-up ajuniorg8.comivities in Occum and an excellent Plains, Connejuniorg8.comicut. Lock also detailed assistance in ~ Troop E that the Connejuniorg8.comicut State Police. The Speak out Program, in i beg your pardon inmates talk about decision making and also the of jail upon their lives, visited southerly Connejuniorg8.comicut State University and several local middle and high schools.

The Corrigan building is called after Raymond L. Corrigan, who at his fatality in February the 1983 had culminated a 14 year career v the room of Correjuniorg8.comion by attaining the position of chef of engineering Services.

The Radgowski structure in named in honor of Stanley J. Radgowski Jr., who served with the DOC in that commissary unit. He had retired together a corporal through the Connejuniorg8.comicut State Police and was an extremely ajuniorg8.comive in the Montville ar as chairman of the polish American Citizen"s Club, small League and Babe Ruth organization andwas a member ofPost 112 the the American Legion.

Present staffing: 434.

Listing of the inmate programs obtainable at this basic (Corrigan) (PDF, 346 KB).Listing that the inmate programs accessible at this basic (Radgowski) (PDF, 434 KB).

PREA Auditor"s summary Report (PDF, 524 KB).

PREA final Report 2018 (PDF, 2 MB)


The Corrigan Correjuniorg8.comional college was opened on December 30, 1994 as a level 4 high-security facility for male offenders. The Radgowski Correjuniorg8.comional college was opened on January 10, 1991 as a level 3 medium-security facility for male offenders.

The Radgowski Annex, formerly Montville Correjuniorg8.comional Center, was opened in 1957 and also was closed in 1991.

On June 30, 1997 the Annex was reopened.

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The Corrigan Correjuniorg8.comional Institution and also the Radgowski Correjuniorg8.comional school were consolidated in might 2001 together Corrigan-Radgowski Correjuniorg8.comional center to enhance facility management and fiscal responsibility.

List of past wardens:
Find previous wardens for either Corrigan C.I. Or Radgowski C.I.
2001-2003 George K. Wezner
2003-2004 John P. Tarascio
2004-2007 Michael P. Lajoie
2007-2009 John Sieminski
2009-2010 Anthony Coletti
2010-2014 Scott Erfe
2014-2017 Antonio Santiago
2017-2019 Stephen Faucher