Over the years, the an interpretation of a actual cowboy has dramatically changed. It seems that this inclination will proceed to evolve v the i of time. A native-born Montana ranch boy namedRobert Staffanson penned a letter come America and the West. His letter highlights his reflect on what it method to be a genuine cowboy. One excerpt indigenous his letter clearly stated how different cowboys at present are contrasted to the type of cowboys the was increased to.

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“The kind of cowboys ns was raised to revere, as a child who learned to ride quickly after my first walking steps, bore practically no same to those symbols of machismo produced by Hollywood. It seems prefer there room so many cowboys the end there this day who put on a hat and also boots only for effect,” wrote Staffanson.

Those words from Staffanson extremely resonate to the template of the track “Don’t speak to Him A Cowboy.” This Conway Twitty hit single criticizes the urban Cowboy motion of the at an early stage ‘80s. Such disparagements were apparent in virtually every line of the song. In the chorus, Twitty proclaimed several requirements that one must meet to be worthy of the term.

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“So don’t contact him a cowboy until you’ve viewed him ride / ‘Cause a Stetson hat and also those an intricate boots don’t tell ya what’s within no / and also if that ain’t an excellent in the saddle, Lord, you i will not ~ be satisfied / so don’t contact him a cowboy till you’ve checked out him ride.”

Song Facts

Songwriters Debbie Hupp, Johnny MacRae, and Bob Morrison penned the lyrics of “Don’t call Him A Cowboy.”The nation legendTwitty recorded and co-produced it together the an initial single and also title track of his 1985 album. The song got to No. 1 both ~ above the Billboard Hot country Songs chart and Canadian RPM nation Tracks chart. Overall, it was the singer’s 50th No. 1 solitary on the nation chart. It remained atop the chart because that one week and also its chart regime lasted because that a total of 13 weeks.

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