Teresa Keaton goes right into labor in Containment season 1 illustration 10. For a refresher on what taken place last week, read my recap of illustration 9.

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Containment season 1 episode 9 opens with Lex Carnahan and Sabine Lommers gift released from their isolation.

At the data center, Teresa speak Xander and also Jana Mayfield that her water broke. Xander is quiet behind glass due to the fact that he may have come into call with someone that was infected.

Lex come at Leo Greene‘s apartment. Leo speak him the Sabine dubbed the actual patient zero. Lex asks if he has actually proof and motive.

Lex meets up v Sabine. She claims that they require to offer the protestors the reality they deserve. Lex claims that he wasn’t expecting transparency native her.

Jake Riley talks to Katie Frank while she’s in isolation. He tells her the Lex told him Sabine is the mastermind behind the outbreak.

Sabine enables a reporter to gain footage of soldiers who’ve been infected. Then, she addresses the camera and also says that if everyone follows the rules and also doesn’t breach the cordon, they can survive.

Jake searches for evidence. He find a shower through two bodies wrapped up in it. He tells Lex that when he searched, the computers and also all records were gone.

Sam figures out exactly how to do a love monitor the end of ingredient they have lying around, including a cup and a balloon. It permits Teresa to hear to her baby.

Dennis knocks ~ above the door the the data center, wanting to talk to Suzy. He’s infected v the virus however still wants her to let the in.

Jake confronts the gang within the cordon in bespeak to talk to Doug Meese. He tells him the he to know he cleaned up that apartment and that he wants the study that that hid.

Teresa starts asking for she mom, resulting in Jana come panic around the situation. Jana goes into the other room v Suzy and tells her the she doesn’t know exactly how to take care of this crisis. Suzy assures her the Jana is precisely who she would want alongside her in a crisis. They return to Teresa. Suzy offers Teresa a pep talk, saying, “Your mother is not coming. Xander’s no going to it is in by her side either. But, it’s okay due to the fact that you’r no doing it because that them. You’re act it for yourself.”

Dr. Victor Cannerts visits Katie in isolation. She speak him the she to know he ripped up a hospital log in book, but that she still uncovered out about Henry Burns, the actual patient zero.

Jake arrives simply in time to provide Teresa’s baby. He talks her v it and also her baby girl is born and also seems to be healthy.

Lex meets through Sabine. He shows him the proof he has so far. She points out that there’s no yes, really evidence. He says he’ll take it public.

At the end of the episode, Jake returns to Katie. He’s in a an excellent mood after ~ watching someone offer birth. He tells Katie that after all this, they have to go have actually dinner. But, at the moment, Katie coughs up blood.

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