Consulate basic of El Salvador in Chicago, Illinois located at 177 N State St, second floor. View bigger location map, acquire driving directionsor see address, phone, fax, email, office hours, consular services, visa types, consular jurisdiction, social media channels, and head of mission (HOM).

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177 N State St, 2nd floorChicago IL 60601United States


(312) 332-1393, (312) 578-5390, Emergency: (630) 449-8650



Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 to be - 4:00 pm

Consular Jurisdiction

Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, phibìc Dakota, southern Dakota and Ohio.


The adhering to is a quick listing of solutions that are available at Consulate basic of El Salvador in Chicago, Illinois.

Process passport applicationsProcess visa applicationsNotarize certain documentsAuthentication of documentsCivil registration

Common Visa Types

Citizens that qualified nations may be able to travel El Salvador without a visa. The most common types of El Salvador visas are the following.

Transit visaTourist visaStudent visaDiplomatic visa

Salvadoran Passport

Salvadoran passport is a travel file issued come citizens that El Salvador for the function of worldwide travel. The data page is printed in Spanish and English. Salvadoran citizens has actually visa on come or visa-free access over 100 countries and also territories.

DUI El Salvador

Documento Único de Identidad is generally known as DUI.The virtual DUI meeting request company is free, learn an ext from

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Besides Consulate general of El Salvador in Chicago, Illinois El Salvador also has 21 representations in the adhering to cities of unified States:

All diplomatic missions of El Salvador in joined States


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