Clovis was among the youngsters of the Emperor of Britannia, and also he became Lelouch"s first significant victim.

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Prince Clovis la Britannia of the Divine Britannian Empire is one of the children of Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Among hist siblings, he was not very ambitious, and was always bconsumed in chess by his younger half-brvarious other, Lelouch vi Britannia.

Clovis ended up being the Viceroy of Area 11 - the land also formerly known as Japan. Overall, he never before had to do a lot of anypoint. However, he would confront a genuine risk that would certainly prove to be his end.

Character Evolution

Reign as Viceroy and Death

Clovis was given command also of Area 11, previously well-known as Japan, and also given the title of Viceroy of the Area. He tried to show up to be a benevolent and just ruler to the people of Area 11, well-known as Elevens. However, he remained in truth a selfish ruler, that was preferred by various other human being of power sindicate bereason of his imperial title.

While Clovis remained in command, he mostly left decisions to his advisers. Throughout the Battle of the Shinjuku Ghetto, he verified himself to be a ruthmuch less commander, ordering the deaths of countless civilians in the area sindicate to destroy terrorists that stole an enigma item from Britannia.

Clovis sent out his soldiers to battle against the terrorists, and used the Empire"s superior technology to overpower them. However before, an unwell-known commander entered the fray, that had the ability to easily overcome every strategy Clovis had in his arsenal. He was shocked by this turn of occasions after he witnessed his overwhelming defeat. The battle turned in Britannia"s favor as soon as Suzaku Kururugi, an Eleven, entered fight with the protoform Lancelot Knightmare unit, which demoliburned the terrorist soldiers, forcing them to retreat.

Britannia"s army was inevitably able to track dvery own the terrorist hideout. However before, the mysterious commander of the terrorists was able to infiltrate the Britannian command also center, and he ordered Clovis to contact off the strike and let the terrorists go. This commander then revealed himself as Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, Clovis" younger half-brother.

Lelouch attempted to gain indevelopment from Clovis, making use of his recently gained power well-known as Geass - the power to make anyone follow his orders - to find out that eliminated his mother. Clovis, under Lelouch"s influence, sassist that he did not understand, however he sassist that Princess Cornelia and also Prince Schneizel did. After revealing all he knew, Lelouch swarm Clovis.


After Clovis" death, Princess Cornelia became the brand-new Viceroy of Area 11, and he sister - Princess Euphemia - came to be the Sub-Viceroy.

Clovis was Lelouch"s first personal kill, which left Lelouch sick to his stomach; yet, he quickly overcame it, and also would kill again.

Clovis left behind a reputation as a talented artist, and he was still fairly liked by some of the Britannian officials.


Clovis has actually an air of elegance and also pompous arrogance. He is also incredibly cowardly, bowing to the wishes of his soon-to-be killer. His last words were begging for mercy.

However, Clovis did consider himself an artist, producing a gallery of paintings that were loved by the Britannian civilization.

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Powers and also Abilities

Clovis has actually no powers. As a strategist, he is a very poor and also predictable one. When faced against a group of terrorists that were actually organized by an excellent strategist, he was quickly defeated.