Fraxel lasers, or fountain resurfacing lasers, use microscopic irradiate beams to generate micro-injuries top top the skin. This procedure triggers the skin’s healing procedure – layer by layer, older and damaged skin is normally replaced by fresh and healthy skin cells.

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There space three types of Fraxel laser treatments: Fraxel Re:pair, Fraxel Re:store, and Fraxel Dual, and also we offer all three of lock at cosmetic Laser dermatology in san Diego. This Fraxel solution which I talk about in this video, are simply some that the 50+ lasers and devices we sell our patient to rejuvenate your skin. These efficient treatments have end up being some the the most famous solutions because that achieving beautiful skin. 

I know having your skin problems blasted away v a laser deserve to sound intimidating. And also how do you understand which kind of laser is best for you? this is my overview to Fraxel lasers and how each type of therapy can benefit your skin.

Fraxel Re:pair

Among the three types of Fraxel lasers, Fraxel Re:pair is the most aggressive. Together a spring CO2 or ablative laser, this method it’s a wounding type of laser. It functions by carrying an extreme wavelength of irradiate to practically any component of the body, vaporizing tiny columns that skin which are changed with brand-new collagen and also elastin tissue, producing a rejuvenating effect. We usage this form of laser (similar come ActiveFX & DeepFX CO2 lasers) primarily for scars and also wrinkles, however can likewise be used for photodamage, sun damage, and textural improvement.

Fraxel Re:pair can efficiently treat general skin irregularities such as:

Sunspots and also age spotsUneven skin tone and also textureDeep lines and wrinklesHyperpigmentationScarring (acne scars, surgical scars, and also traumatic scars)MelasmaPrecancerous lesions

Fraxel Re:pair patients can expect the complying with benefits:

Smoother, healthier-looking skinDiminished deep lines and also wrinklesReduction or remove of age spotsEven skin toneTighter/firmer skinImmediate outcomes that boost over timeLong-lasting effectsLess downtime compared to timeless lasers

Fraxel Re:pair will call for some downtime. For about a week, patients have the right to expect redness, swelling, and also crusting. Over there will additionally be part pinpoint bleeding and a tiny bit that oozing which will require some wound treatment (a thin layer the ointment will certainly be applied after treatment). Restore will vary from patience to patient, however I imply waiting 5-7 days prior to returning to job-related or resuming normal activities in mountain Diego. When recovering for a week, it is crucial to continue to be out the the sun to permit the skin to heal properly.

1 conference of the 30-45 minute procedure is usually enough to acquire optimal results. Together a laser expert, I will assess her needs and also will style a customized treatment plan perfect for her skin goals.

Fraxel Restore

Fraxel gain back is a non-ablative (non-destructive) procedure that supplies a spring Erbium laser the targets only a portion of the skin. Special, it provides a 1550 nm wavelength to warmth the skin and also stimulate collagen production. Unequal Re:pair, Re:store does no vaporize the outer layers the the skin. In other words, Re:pair works to eliminate tissue, vice versa, Re:store thermally heats the tissue. The Re:store procedure, therefore, makes for a gentler alternative treatment through minimal downtime.

And since Re:pair is an ext aggressive, the is much more suitable for severely damaged skin when Re:store resurfaces moderately damaged skin, making it an ext appropriate for treating mild wrinkles, pigmentation, and textural irregularities.

Fraxel Re:store can properly treat general skin comes to such as:

Fine-to-moderate lines and wrinkles (most efficient for correcting superficial face lines)Brown spotsDiscolored and also sun-damaged skinAcne scars and rosacea

Fraxel Re:store is safe and effective for resurfacing the complying with areas:


Fraxel Re:store patients can expect the complying with benefits:

Improved skin toneImproved skin colorImproved skin texture

While normally safe, laser resurfacing may reason side impacts such as swelling, redness, and also bruising roughly the cure area(s). These should subside within a week. As a much less aggressive type of treatment, Re:store have the right to improve well lines and smooth skin texture with very tiny downtime (typically no more than a day).

I recommend that patients undergo the 30-minute conference every 2-3 weeks because that 4-6 therapies for optimal results.

Fraxel Dual

Fraxel dual is the latest generation of Fraxel lasers. That goes beyond the initial Fraxel Re:store therapy system and also splits the difference in between its predecessors. It combines the efficacy the ablative lasers with the gentler benefits of non-ablative lasers. It supplies two various wavelengths – one that targets surface pigmentation and one the penetrates deeper to work-related on lines and wrinkles. One wavelength is the updated 1550 nm wavelength Erbium i beg your pardon is much faster and an ext effective than earlier versions. We generally use this wavelength for acne scarring, operation scarring, good lines, sharp size, and also textural improvement. The 2nd laser is a Thulium 1927nm –a superficial laser the is reliable in exactly removing pigmented spots when leaving an ext surrounding organization unharmed. We frequently use this wavelength for pigmentation (particularly from sunlight damage), brown spots, and even some cases of melasma.

As an additional non-ablative laser, double offers a gentle method to skin rejuvenation. While Re:pair is fantastic at treating a broad variety of skin problems commonly in enlarge people, Dual, is designed come target and minimize lines, scars, and pigmentation. This kind of therapy is also an ext commonly offered on younger patients.

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Fraxel dual can properly treat general skin comes to such as:

Sun or period spotsAcne scarsFine lines and wrinklesPhoto-agingOverall dull complexion and poor skin texture

Fraxel twin is safe and also effective because that resurfacing the adhering to areas:


Fraxel twin patients have the right to expect the following benefits:

Improved skin tone and textureDiminished deep lines and also wrinklesReduction or removed of age spotsImproved appearance of acne scars and surgical scars 

In comparison to Re:store, the 2 capabilities that the twin offer a an ext thorough treatment for more advanced skin issues. Specifically, double has these benefits over Re:store:

Improved Erbium 1550 nm laser way fewer treatmentsMore comfortable experience because of the laser’s cooling an approach that limits any type of burning or pain during the procedureMore precise treatmentDeeper therapy to far better stimulate collagen productionQuicker procedure (15 minutes or much less for the face)

Recovery will frequently include swelling and also redness during the an initial 2-3 days prior to the skin browns together if you’ve got sunburned. Over there is no bleeding, no oozing, and no unique wound care required. Friend simply have to temporarily protect against the sun while her skin heals. There could also be 2-3 days of skin flaking as the treated locations are replaced by newer, softer skin. Generally, downtime will take 3-7 days total and also you get good results. One therapy in our san Diego office can an outcome in noticeably clearer skin within 7-10 days. 1 session is usually enough however can be recurring every 6 months to preserve optimal results.

3 varieties of Fraxel Lasers at A Glance


In summary, laser an innovation today offers a wide range of devices that have the right to be offered together to treat multiple problems at a time. At cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we not only administer the most advanced laser therapies available, but we are also pioneers in dermatologic laser applications. When you concerned see me, depending on your skin condition and also aesthetic goals, I can offer a mix of laser therapies to optimize your results without having to invest too lot time in our office. To learn more about fraxel laser treatments, visit

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