These are the official maps of video game of Thrones, created for The soil of Ice and Fire. They space canon – and also the just maps come cover the east of Essos, including every little thing from Qarth come Asshai. Lock were produced for arbitrarily House, native the hand attracted maps of George RR Martin,

In 2012 i was commissioned to show the main maps that Westeros and also Essos for the people of game of Thrones.

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Every map is 3 feet through 2 feet in size, 72 square feet the maps in total.

Warning – the critical map consists of spoilers as it reflects the character journeys approximately the end of A Dance v Dragons.

The Known world – The first entire map of video game of Thrones

The totally free Cities – Braavos, Pentos, Myr and also the narrow Sea

Map of central Essos – consisting of the Bone Mountains and the Red Waste

From lock Black and the Skirling Pass, all the method north come the valley of Thenn and the floor of constantly Winter

Slaver’s bay – mirroring Meereen, Yunkai, and also Astapor

The West – from the Summer island to the far north

The City of King’s Landing – indigenous Flea Bottom, come the Red Keep

The East, we ultimately answer the inquiry – wherein is Asshai? – and also discover Uthos, Yi Ti, the City of Bloodless Men and also the thousands Islands

The Map of the Dothraki Sea and the Red Waste

The totally free City the Braavos through details of the residence of Black and White, The Ragman’s Harbor, the Titan and the Sealord’s Palace

The Westeros Map – all the Castles and also Kingdoms of video game of Thrones

Journeys – the lifelines of video game of Thrones – as much as the finish of A Dance through Dragons

Click on any of the maps for close up details and much more information on exactly how they to be drawn. And you can pick up the posters here.