It's type of a pale imitation of Yoo-Hoo, which Winn Dixie sells. Can't remember if they likewise have the soldier stuff...

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Ooooo IDK perhaps on the run?? those points are way much better than yoohoo. ETA Same product? frick!!

quote:Albertson's supplied to lug Yohoo's...might still...cshed to the very same product. it actually is the very same product. my dad provided to be the plant manager as soon as the yoo-hoo plant was open in opelousas. it is the specific same amounts of ingredients. the only difference is that yoo-hoo is cooked a couple of minutes much longer at a slightly better temp.
All I understand is that if you offer a granddaughter a Chocolate Soldier while she is wearing a white dress, your wife and also daughter will never before let you forgain it.
I can confirm that they are the very same product. My wife audited the plant once she operated for AA. Surprised the hell out of me. Prior to her telling me this i might have actually sworn that Chocolate Soldier was the better of the two.
Choc-Ola, Brownie Chocolate drink, and also Cocoa Dusty are also Yoo-Hoo with a different label. zero difference in the process as making Yoo-Hoo.

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Damn you males all beat me to it. It's crazy exactly how the label can trick you into thinking they taste in a different way. I constantly assumed a cacao soldier was better.
there is a difference in taste as a result of the cooking procedure. but the amounts of ingredients are the same. however the drinks i listed over are the specific very same as Yoo-Hoo. ingredients and also cooking temp and time are the exact very same. just a various label.
Perhaps it is the glass bottle. I recognize that glass bottled cokes taste better to me than canned coke.
I organized the record in 1975. I drank seven and also my 2 friends drank six and also 5 respectively. We headed back across Hayne blvd.,over the levee to the camp. I was likewise the initially to vomit everywhere the train tracks,they both followed soon after! Do they still make them?
I understand that C.S. And Yoohoo are basically the same, yet I just desire a C.S.! Now, does anybody understand wbelow to find them?
Used to love these as a son. Last I witnessed them was around 10 years earlier once I functioned for a tiny retail drug keep in the N.O. location. I special ordered a case of them for myself from our distributor. Haven't viewed them since.
quote: Now, does anybody know wright here to discover them? Saul Adler Redevelopment, 1978. The coldest structure and also drink in the people.
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