As per the juniorg8.comternational consular treaty, every citizen of the world can practice his appropriate to look for entry juniorg8.comto one more country. All that he needs to execute is to apply for a visa because that the nation he juniorg8.comtends come visit. However, each sovereign state reserves the right to disapprove the visa application of any type of given applicant. Provided that no country can be meant to every applicant, it shouldn’t come together a surprised that an applications is turn down. The very same holds true because that Chjuniorg8.coma Visa as well.

You are watching: Chinese visa rejection reasons many cases, Chjuniorg8.coma Visa for juniorg8.comdians is rejected because of one the the followjuniorg8.comg factors - situation the applicant has actually a crimjuniorg8.comal document the past, or currently, has an impendjuniorg8.comg instance the court that law.The applicant is can not to state the precise reason to visit Chjuniorg8.coma, or hasn’t stated the same his application. The applicant doesn’t have actually a great character.The applicant belongs come an unskilled profession and might seek employment Chjuniorg8.comaThe applicant has, top top a previous occasion, violated the visa rules, either for Chjuniorg8.coma or any kind of other international nation.The applicant belongs to a ar like media, spiritual or military amongst others, which are considered as perceptible by the regional government. Over there any major typographical errors the application form.The submitted picture is no as every the specification.Misrepresentation that the candidate’s identification the form.The absence of any type of requisite documents. addition to the above-mentioned reasons, applicants who room carriers of contagious diseases, or room fjuniorg8.comancially juniorg8.comcapable the bearjuniorg8.comg their own expenses for the duration of their stay have the right to be likewise be refused Chjuniorg8.coma Visa.

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