Last minute flight deals indigenous Phoenix to brand-new York

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never ever too late to publication a trip. This is our choose of the best last minute flights.

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Direct flights indigenous Phoenix skies Harbor to new York

Want to paris non-stop to new York? We’ll aid you uncover your right route.

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Alternative Phoenix sky Harbor to new York routes

Looking for the cheapest, fastest or easiest route from Phoenix skies Harbor to brand-new York? You might fly right into the complying with airports instead.

Phoenix sky Harbor to new York: trip information

The points to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Average flight time

4 hrs 36 mins

Cheapest month come fly


Most popular airline

American Airlines

Flights every week


Time difference between Phoenix sky Harbor and new York

+3 hrs(GMT -4)


Holiday Inn Manhattan jae won District, an IHG Hotel


Sheraton Brooklyn new York


COVID-19 travel restrictions are an altering fast, but we're below to assist you discover the advice you need. Check our live page on travel constraints to see if you can travel from Phoenix sky Harbor to new York, and if you'll need to quarantine ~ above arrival.
There space 4 airports in brand-new York: new York man F. Kennedy, brand-new York Newark, new York LaGuardia, and also Stewart International.
The ideal price found on for a trip from Phoenix skies Harbor to new York is $101. This was uncovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and also is the cheapest price because that the whole month.

What To expect On This Route

paris from Phoenix to brand-new York City is feasible via a wide range of carriers and times, meaning that you’ll be able to get your pick of the litter as soon as it involves flight times. This course is served by American Airlines, joined Airlines, Sun country Air, JetBlue, Delta, and also Alaska Airlines. Inspect out our resources right here at come make sure that you obtain the finest pricing for her flight.

Flying follow me this path takes most flights six and a half hours, though depending upon where the layover is the flight can last as long as eight hours.

Leaving Phoenix

You’ll it is in departing Phoenix sky Harbor global Airport’s Terminal 3 while paris on this route. Sky Harbor is a well-kept modern-day airport, and also you’ll have the ability to take benefit of the high-speed wireless internet accessibility if you’re ready to register and also tolerate advertisements together you browse. Over there are likewise plenty of food and also shopping alternatives to save you busy while girlfriend wait because that your flight at sky Harbor.

How lengthy Will mine Layover Be?

Most flights on this route have actually a layover, though there are a few exceptions. Flights that have actually layovers typically stop at Chicago O’Hare international Airport for an hour, and also tend to operation per schedule.

Arriving In brand-new York

You’ll likely be landing at one of two people Newark airport or JFK international Airport in brand-new York City. If friend land at Newark, you’ll should pick between one the the myriad transportation options which take it you native the airport into the city itself. At Newark, you can board the regional transit railway, the subway, the bus, or rental a car, though every one of the over tend to be quite crowded and road traffic has tendency to be heavy. Be sure to collection aside part extra time if your trip lands in ~ Newark.

At JFK, you’ll additionally be able come hop ~ above the subway, local rail network, or a bus to take you come the remainder of NYC. Favor at Newark, many of her transit choices will be greatly crowded and also combat hefty traffic, though you’ll begin off closer come your location so it’s possible that you won’t have to spend as much time getting there.

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New York City is just one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations, though numerous of its areas aren’t designed with tourists in mind. Over there are rather a few resources for visitors at the city’s details terminals in ~ transit hubs, so don’t be fear to pack up on maps and also other products to aid you do your method around.