I just started playing cavern Story+ ~ above the switch. Ns am in the part of the grasslands wherein I need to collect charcoal. Below is a video clip of someone successfully collecting the charcoal.

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However, once my player extinguishes the charcoal ns don't obtain this dialogue. I've do the efforts multiple times including leaving the area and coming back.

What do I must do?

Thanks, Matt


Do you have the Jellyfish Juice in her inventory when you speak to the fireplace in Santa's house? (this allows you to extinguish the fire)

Do you currently have the Charcoal in her inventory? (you can't obtain it more than once)

Have you currently had Malco (the robot in the power room) build the bomb?

Found the problem. I was extinguishing the fire in the dorn fireplace. So obvious now...

Thanks! mj

Thanks for looking into my post. Below are the answers to her questions:

Yes I have actually the jellyfish juice - the fire it s okay extinguished and my character goes through the fireplace. There is no dialogue around charcoal prefer I view in the youtube video.

The charcoal is not in my inventory. Mine inventory contains: -Gum vital -Rusted key -ID card -Arthur's key -Silver Locket -Map device -Gum basic -Jellyfish Juice (2)

Malco has actually not built the bomb - he gives me a dialogue about the vital ingredients.

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Unrelated note but it's always cool to watch someone v the same first name and also same initials


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