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In this practice skills assessment, you will certainly configure the science LLC network with VLANs, Trunking, inter-VLAN routing, and also IPv4 standard ACLs. As part of this process, you will certainly perform simple VLAN construction tasks, resolve router interfaces and also hosts, and implement 2 ACLs.

You room not required to configure the Quark switch, or any kind of of the servers.

Note: In order to keep the assessment task as quick as possible, you will just be partially configuring some devices, together directed in the instructions. In a actual network, all devices would be completely configured to duty in the network. Girlfriend are just responsible because that completing the work covered in the instructions. Any type of configuration that you do past the requirements will not result in extr credit.

All IOS device configurations should be completed from a straight terminal link to the device console. In addition, plenty of values that are forced to complete the configurations have not been offered to you. In those cases, create the values that you require to finish the requirements.

You will certainly practice and be assessed ~ above the complying with skills:

Configuration of initial an equipment settingsIPv4 address assignmentConfiguration and addressing of an equipment interfacesConfiguration that VLANs on 3 switchesConfiguration the trunking and also inter-VLAN routingConfiguration of ACL come limit an equipment access

Requirements by device:

Router Atom:Configuration of early stage router settingsInterface configuration and IPv4 addressingSwitch Neutron:Configuration that VLANsConfiguration that VLAN trunkingConfiguration that interfaces into VLANConfiguration that IP deal with for the monitoring VLANSwitch Proton:Configuration that VLANsConfiguration that VLAN trunkingConfiguration of interfaces right into VLANConfiguration of IP address for the administration VLANSwitch Electron:Configuration that VLANsConfiguration the VLAN trunkingConfiguration that interfaces into VLANConfiguration that IP attend to for the management VLANPC hosts:Pv4 full addressing

Addressing Table

Note: you are noted with the networks that interfaces have to be configured on. Uneven you space told to do in different way in the comprehensive instructions below, you are complimentary to pick the organize addresses to assign.


VLAN Assignment Table



Step 1: identify Addressing

Determine the IP addresses that you will use for the required interfaces top top the three switch SVIs, and the 6 LAN hosts. Usage the info in the addressing table.

Select the move SVI addresses.The interfaces on the Atom router that are provided to path the VLANs should be addressed with the last usable IP address in the subnet.Assign valid hold addresses to the LAN master according come the Addressing Table and VLAN assignment.Step 2: Configure initial machine setting ~ above Neutron and Atom

Configure Neutron and also Atom v all early stage configurations the you have learned in the course so far:

Configure the move hostname: Neutron.Configure the router hostname: Atom.Prevent the router from attempting to fix unrecognized CLI entries as domain names.Protect machine configurations indigenous unauthorized access with the encrypted password cisco.Secure the router and switch console and also remote accessibility lines through password cisco.Prevent all passwords indigenous being perceived in clear message in machine configuration files.Step 3: Configure VLANs

Configure four VLANs on the NeutronProton, and Electron switches utilizing the worths in the addressing table.

Step 4: Assign move Interfaces to VLANs

Configure FastEthernet interfaces on Proton and also Electron according to the adhering to guidelines:

Interfaces Fa0/1 – Fa0/5 room assigned to VLAN 20Interfaces Fa0/6 – Fa0/10 space assigned come VLAN 40Interfaces Fa0/11 – Fa0/15 room assigned to VLAN 60Step 5: Configure the Switches for Remote Management

Configure the SVIs of the NeutronProton, and Electron switches utilizing the information in the VLAN and also Addressing Tables. Configure the IP attend to for the management VLAN and also the default-gateway IP address. Configure the SVIs so that they will certainly be reachable by devices on other networks after the network has actually been totally configured.

 Step 6: Configure VLAN Trunking

Configure VLAN trunking between the NeutronProton, and Electron switches.

Manually configure the VTP domain name to School on the Neutron, Proton, and Electron switches.Manually configure the trunking harbor on the Neutron, Proton, and Electron switches.Step 7: Configure inter-VLAN Routing

Use the info in the Addressing and also VLAN tables come configure inter-VLAN routing on Atom according come the adhering to guidelines:

Configure inter-VLAN routing among VLANs 20, 40, 60 and 88 with Gi0/0 subinterfaces.Configure inter-VLAN routing because that VLANs 250 and also 254 with Gi0/1 subinterfaces.Step 8: Configure host Addressing

Address the hosts according to the worths in the addressing table. Use a DNS server resolve of All hosts should be able to reach the server.

Step 9: Configure access Control Lists

You will configure two access control perform on the Atom router. The ACL specifications room as follows:

a. Restrict access to the vty present on Atom.

Create a numbered standard ACL making use of number 10. Be sure that you usage this number exactly as it shows up in these instructions.Allow just hosts top top the Production VLAN to access the vty currently of Atom.No various other internal and also Internet hosts have to be able to accessibility the vty lines of Atom.Your solution must consist of a solitary ACL statement.

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b. Restrict accessibility to the internal web server

Create a called standard ACL utilizing the name INT-WEB. Be sure that you usage this name specifically as it appears in these instructions.Allow hosts on the Researchand Production VLANs to with the internal governmental web server at various other internal and also Internet hosts should be maybe to access the internal administrative web server.Your solution need to consist of two ACL statements. Step 10: Verify Connectivity

Verify your configurations according to the adhering to guidelines:

Hosts in VLANs 20, 40, and also 60 can ping every other.Hosts in VLANs 20, 40, and also 60 can visit the outside web server in VLAN 40 and also 60 can visit the governmental web server in VLAN 60 can telnet right into AtomHosts in VLANs 20 and also 40 cannot telnet to Atom.

Intructions – answer 100%

Router 1: Atom or HQ