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On 1 in march 1484, Elizabeth and also her daughters come out that sanctuary after ~ Richard publicly swore one oath that her daughters would certainly not be harmed. The girls to be “very honourably entertained and with every princely kindness.” lock were more than likely sent to live in Queen Anne‘s household, at the very least for a while, before returning to their mother. Their precise whereabouts roughly this time room unknown.

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Elizabeth soon allied herself through Margaret Beaufort and her child Henry Tudor and Catherine’s elder sister Elizabeth to be promised to him. Henry invaded in 1485 and also overthrew Richard – coming to be King Henry VII. Catherine’s sisters Elizabeth came to be Queen that England when they to be married top top 18 January 1486. Henry arranged because that his mom to be provided the “keeping and guiding the the women daughter the King Edward IV” and the sisters more than likely joined the family members in London. Elizabeth Woodville and her daughters were revived to their rightful status, “estate, dignity, preeminence and also name.” Elizabeth sustained her unmarried sisters v an annuity that £50, and also when they married, she provided their husbands annuities of £120. As soon as Elizabeth to be close to providing birth to her first son, her mother, sisters and Margaret Beaufort joined her. Catherine’s elder sister were connected in the christening of the child Prince Arthur, yet Catherine was most likely too young to sign up with in.

In 1487, Elizabeth Woodville retirement to Bermondsey Abbey and around this time Bridget was committed to the religious life. Cecily had been married to Ralph Scrope of Upsall, yet King Henry had actually that marriage annulled so that she can marry man Welles, first Viscount Welles, a staunch Lancastrian nobleman. The was also Margaret Beaufort’s half-brother. Cecily had actually served in the Queen’s household until her marital relationship when she was changed by Anne. When Elizabeth Woodville died in 1492, Catherine was current for the Requiem Mass.

In 1495, Henry arranged the marital relationships of Anne and also Catherine. ~ above 4 February 1495, anne was married come Lord cutting board Howard, the child of the Earl the Surrey with Henry providing the bride far himself. Later on in 1495, at least by October, Catherine to be married to mr William Courtenay. After the wedding, Catherine would reside largely at the castles the Tiverton, Colcombe and also Powderham or her husband’s London home. Catherine gave birth come three children in fast succession: Henry (later first Marquess that Exeter – born 1496), Edward (born 1497 – passed away young) and Margaret (born 1499).

In 1500, King Henry summoned Catherine and also her husband to court and, once worked out into your London, castle were frequently seen at court. Catherine must have been pleased to be near her sister again. Catherine was current when her nephew Prince Arthur married Catherine that Aragon in 1501, and she was additionally present in ~ the consciousness of betrothal between her nephew Margaret and also King James IV the Scotland.

Catherine and also her husband fell from favour the following year when it turned the end that William had dined v Edmund de la Pole, third Duke of Suffolk, a Yorkist claimant, and had additionally corresponded through him before fleeing to the court the the divine Roman Emperor. He was suspected of inviting the to invade England. In late February wilhelm was unexpectedly seized and also imprisoned in the Tower on dues of conspiracy. He was attainted because that treason in 1503, and also his manors were offered to his father, and also upon his father’s death, they would revert to the Crown. Catherine unexpectedly saw her entire future go up in flames, her youngsters had to be disinherited, and also she was all of sudden impoverished. For some reason, Henry go not put his brother-in-law to death, however Catherine had actually no way of understanding that at the time and she was more than likely desperately worried. She sister Elizabeth sustained her emotionally and financially throughout this time. Elizabeth had the Courtenay children brought to Devon even prior to their father’s arrest and established them with a governess, Margaret, Lady Cotton. Elizabeth additionally ordered warm apparel for William. Later that year, together William languished in the Tower, Catherine joined her sister top top a solo progress.

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In early on 1503, Catherine and Elizabeth returned to London to spend Candlemas v Henry in ~ the Tower. ~ the death of Prince Arthur in 1502, Elizabeth had actually conceived again, and also she remained in the late stages that pregnancy. Elizabeth was still in ~ the Tower when her baby arrived early on 2 February. It was a complicated birth, and Catherine remained in attendance. The baby was named Catherine, perhaps for her aunt. Simply one week later, Elizabeth became ill, and also she quickly deteriorated. She passed away on 11 February – her 37th birthday. Catherine acted as chief mourner at she sister’s funeral, and she must have been much grieved at she sister’s death. ~ the service, Catherine presided over a supper in ~ which fish to be served. The following morning, Catherine and her making it through sisters assembled in Westminster Abbey where The mass of the Trinity was celebrated. Afterwards, Catherine was among the 20 ladies that presented 37 palls the blue, red, and also green cloth of gold, one for every year of Elizabeth’s life. Elizabeth’s sister each presented 5 palls.

After Elizabeth’s death, Catherine and also her youngsters were sent home to Tiverton wherein she lived as a dependence of her father-in-law. Her husband would remain in the Tower until the death of King Henry VII in 1509. He lived out his critical years in flexibility – dice in 1511. Catherine took a vow of perpetual chastity after she husband’s death. In 1516, Catherine to be asked to be godmother come the future Queen mar I. She lived out her last years in quiet and also died in November 1527 in ~ Tiverton Castle. She was hidden in the Tiverton parish church, however her tomb has not survived. She would certainly be the last of the York sister to die.1