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Zenia’s Birth Story

Birthday: July 22, 2018Birth Time: 7:24 a.m.Weight: 8 pounds 12 ouncesLength: 21 inches

What a whirlwind birth story this bit girl has! My whole labor and also shipment with Zenia, from the very initially contractivity to her entrance, came in at less than 6 hrs. It was a really various suffer than Zaylen’s Birth Story.

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In truth, my whole pregnancy has actually been the polar oppowebsite than mine with her brvarious other. Overall it was a very easy 9 months on my body despite our individual life challenges, favor getting lhelp off only a few brief weeks after my pregnancy announcement.


Even though my pregnancy was much less complicated overall, the last 4 weeks were still uncomfortable and also tough to maneuver. I started running through my list of old wive’s tales to inducing labor.

I started through eggplant parmesan and also pineapple to induce labor. That didn’t job-related.


I tried pumping after I hit 39 weeks. That didn’t work-related either. (Although I absolutely feel it’s aided transition to a effective breastfeeding journey!)

I acquired a lengthy pedicure and also a complete body massage. Didn’t budge at all.


I disputed acupuncture. But that is not somepoint I was ready for.

So I researched the controversial method of castor oil to induce labor. I asked my exceptional netjob-related of mamas for individual experiences, read horror stories and success stories, and also weighed my alternatives.

After a day and also a half of mulling it over, I determined to try an extremely low dose of castor oil; a maximum of 1 tablespoon in 24 hrs. This is much less than a quarter of the lowest dose option on the bottle, but even more is NOT much better from what I check out as it pertains to inducing labor.

At 2:30 p.m. on July 21, I took 2 teaspoons of castor oil blended via juice. At 3:30, I took an additional teaspoon. And at 4:30, I took a last teaspoon. If it didn’t work, I wasn’t going to attempt it aobtain.

Exactly 11 hours after my first dose, at 1:30 a.m., I woke up to contractions. They were extremely painful and also very close together. About 3 minutes acomponent beginning out!


At initially, I didn’t really believe they were contractions. I just began timing them after I tried to lay dvery own and realized that I physically couldn’t be still through the pain.

I made phone calls to my dad, step mother and mother around 2:30 a.m., placing them on labor alert. I told them I wasn’t sure, however I thought labor was close to. After hanging up with my mom, my water instantly broke.

This was the actual deal. I was officially in labor.

My water breaking was simply a tiny trickle, but very conveniently after, a gigantic gush, and also more gush that lasted throughout the whole labor. Even the nurses couldn’t think exactly how much fluid I had actually.

My dad and also action mommy arrived a couple of minutes later; my dad would certainly continue to be with Zaylen since it was the middle of the night and also my step mom would certainly drive me to the hospital. My mother met us tright here.

Due to the too much liquid, it was obvious I remained in labor and I was admitted to labor and delivery.

Pain Management

Once in my l&d room, around 4:00 a.m., I opted to stand also and bounce on a birthing sphere to breathe through contractions.The contractions felt a lot more intense while laying dvery own, so this helped me control the pain initially.

I had a really poor time with the epidural in the time of Zaylen’s labor, so I wanted to have actually a various suffer through Zenia. I wanted to go as long as possible without any kind of pain medicine and leave the epidural as an absolute last rekind.

I knew once I started other choices, tright here would be no going earlier. Plus, I really wanted to truly experience more of labor this time around

The nurse’s transition readjust was happening at 6:00 a.m., and also at this suggest the pain is ending up being a little bit as well a lot for me to breathe via, so I kbrand-new I required to make a quick decision if I wanted any type of aid.

I asked for nitrous gas first bereason I had heard excellent points around it helping through pain in the time of labor. Unfortunately for me, it only made me dizzy and didn’t really take the edge off the contractions either.

I was screaming in pain, cursing fairly a bit, and obtaining extremely tense via every contractivity. Righttotally so, as I developed from 5 cm to 8 cm in much less than an hour. These contractions were on a fast track to shipment.


Probably only 10-15 minutes after gas wasn’t functioning, I asked for the epidural. At this point I am via my brand-new registered nurses, and they are growing increasingly involved via the moment. They are mentally preparing me for delivery sans epidural just in situation the anesthesiologist doesn’t arrive in time.

Also, I was physically inqualified of sitting still via contractions. I was in excruciating pain that did not seem to let up even in between contractions. So they were additionally pertained to that I wouldn’t be eligible for the epidural and also the anesthesiologist would refusage.

Finally the anesthesiologist arrived while I was dilated to 9.5 cm. It was so close to go time. My nurses provided me fentanyl, an IV pain medication, so that I might sit still with the insertion of the epidural.

Since fentanyl is a temporary pain management choice, I didn’t opt for it previously in labor choose I had done formerly with Zaylen. Thanktotally it took the edge off sufficient so the epidural was possible. Tright here wasn’t time to install a pump though, so the doctor offered me 2 doses of meds to obtain me via pushing.


As shortly as my epidural remained in, my OB arrived to provide Zenia. It was time to push and also I was ready and able to focus via the process.

Before pushing also as soon as, my medical professional can check out Zenia’s head. He made a joke about her hair color (that he could see from across the room!) and shelp it wouldn’t be long prior to she was right here.


One contractivity and also one push, her head was out.

Same contractivity and second push, many of her shoulders were out, however she did acquire a tiny stuck.

Next contraction and also a third push, out she came! Let me tell you, this girl has some major pipes too; she came out screaming like no other.

Less than 5 minutes of pushing and my baby girl was in my arms. I was aiming for a 7:22 a.m. birth time on 7/22, yet missed it by just 2 minutes! The nurses jokingly blamed the physician for taking too lengthy to gain his scrubs on.

Bonding With Baby

At this certain hospital, they delay cord clamping immediately and have actually prompt skin to skin for at least an hour for mother and baby. No baths, no dimensions taken, simply mommy and also baby instantly left to bond.


This was exceptionally various than my suffer with Zaylen wbelow his cord was reduced instantly after distribution, then he was whisked off for a thorough examination secs after he came out.

Zenia and also I just soaked in one another for an entire hour.

Minor complications

Tright here was meconium existing in my amniotic fluid so NICU and respiratory experts were dubbed in in the time of shipment to make certain she was healthy and balanced.

After hearing her exceptionally strong initially cries, they heard everything they needed to and also cleared out. There were no concerns about her lungs and also she was perfectly healthy.


It’s feasible that meconium was existing due to the castor oil. Castor oil is a laxative and also can reason the baby to poop while still inside the womb. I’m not sure if this was the case or not for us, however it’s certainly vital to understand the potential results of even a low dose of castor oil to induce labor. Please do your very own thounstable research study on the subject.

Meeting Her Brother

About an hour or so after Zenia was born, the remainder of my household came in to the labor and shipment room to satisfy her.

Zaylen was exceptionally quiet upon entering the room, with a totally stoic expression. I honestly couldn’t tell if he was frightened, upset, in awe or otherwise. I think he was as well overwhelmed through the crying and the setting to truly understand what was happening.

I tried asking him questions or talking to him, yet he really didn’t say much at all. A few nods of his head were all I could obtain out of him.


I determined it was more than likely ideal to let him take it all in exterior of the room. As soon as he walked out, he began talking to my step mom, dad and also brvarious other about his baby sister and exactly how excited he was that she was right here.

Once in our mommy and also baby room (recoincredibly room), he obtained to come in to see her aget. This time he was a bit more willing to see her, stop and communicate.

While my brother organized her for the first time, she started to cry. Zay immediately put dvery own his tablet and sassist “I desire my baby.” As if to tell his uncle that he wasn’t doing it right and he necessary to take charge.


He climbed into the bed with me and also pet her head, kissed her cheeks, and loved on her. Still incredibly silent, but such a tender moment for our new household of 3. I’m looking forward to watching their connection blossom, he’s going to be the best substantial brvarious other.

I can’t believe exactly how quickly she arrived, and also how conveniently she’s end up being an integral component of our lives.

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Welcome to the civilization Zenia Marie, we are so excited to have actually you here!


Leave a couple of wishes for her future in the comments. One day she have the right to look back on them to view just just how much you all love her.