All that the columns in my source table room varchars and so when I produced my location table, ns made certain that they had actually the exact same data types. For this reason both tables have actually varchar data varieties for every columns.

However, i am still obtaining the error: tower "col1" can not convert between unicode and non-unicode wire data types. The weird thing is the if I change my OLE DB destination with a ADO net Destination, it appears to job-related however, I want to use OLE DB so the I deserve to specifying things such together rows every batch.

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Can anyone help?

sql-server ssis
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inquiry Nov 28 "18 at 16:23

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Double click the line between the source and destination and select the Metadata tab. That will list all of your columns and the data varieties SSIS has inferred.

I would certainly compare that to your source and 100% ensure castle align.

What can take place is that the an initial time you developed your data flow, SSIS will set the metadata based upon what the types are at the point. Col1 is interpreted to be nvarchar for this reason it"ll collection it together DT_WSTR of part length.

Time passes and you update the query and the source is now varchar, however still referred to as col1. A varchar will always fit into an nvarchar so the form of that tower hasn"t "changed" therefore SSIS doesn"t should redo it"s internals.

If that is the situation that SSIS is clinging come old metadata, my click course is come

Copy the present queryChange my query to pick 1 as TotallyNewAndUniqueColumnSSIS will certainly then report that all my metadata is out of whack and also would I choose to autofix it, and I click YesRepaste the original query and lo and behold, the current metadata is captured.
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