Canadian Consulate in San Diego, United States of America

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You will certainly find indevelopment such as contact info, email, website deal with, opening hours and direction to the Canadian Consulate in San Diego. The Embassy helps the federal government of Canada to preserve cordial financial, political, social, social and various other transnationwide ties with the government of USA of America.

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Address: Canadian Consulate in San Diego, United States402 W. Broad Way, Floor 4San Diego, CA 92101United States

Head of Mission :Frederic Fournier, Consul

Consular Services Consulate solutions including visa, passport, document legalization, emergency take a trip record and assistance, and so on are gave by the embassy and/or consulate. Be sure to call them ahead on how to book an appointment or be properly directed.

Appointment booking can be done through phone contact during the official opening hrs. The consulate may have dedicated support for Canada in United States of America, or prioritize their appointments

Visa and Passport If you desire to recognize even more around the kinds of Visas for your travel to Canada or more indevelopment, you have the right to gain even more indevelopment Canada Visa.

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Visa types granted by Canada are;

Canada Resident VisaCanada Temporary Work PermitCanada Federal Seliminated Trades ProgramCanada Federal Seliminated Worker ProgramCanada Family Sponsorship VisaCanada Tourist VisaCanada Visitor VisaCanada Student Visa

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Canada Representation in USA of America Canada is well stood for in United States of America by Canadian Consulate in San Diego andCanadian Honorary Consulate in Anchorage,Canadian Embassy in Washington,Canadian Consulate General in Atlanta,Canadian Consulate General in Boston,Canadian Consulate General in Dallas,Canadian Consulate General in Detroit,Canadian Consulate General in Miami,Canadian Consulate General in Chicago,Canadian Consulate General in Denver,Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles,Canadian Consulate General in Minneapolis,Canadian Consulate General in New York,Canadian Honorary Consulate in Pittsburgh,Canadian Consulate General in San Francisco,Canadian Consulate General in Seattle,Canadian Honorary Consulate in Tampa,Canadian Trade Office in Houston . The Canadian Embassy is situated in the resources city of USA of America and may (may not) provide the exact same solutions of the Canadian consulate situated in an additional city. It is crucial to call for direction.

USA of America Representation in Canada USA of America is also well stood for in Canada by Amerihave the right to Embassy in Ottawa,Amerihave the right to Consulate General in Calgary,American Consulate General in Halifax,American Consulate General in Montgenuine,American Consulate General in Quebec,Amerihave the right to Consulate General in Toronto,American Consulate General in Vancouver,American Consulate in Winnipeg, . The USA of America Embassy is situated in the resources city of Canada and also may (might not) provide the exact same solutions of the consulate located in one more city. It is essential to speak to for direction.

Canada and United States of America Representation in the World Both countries have actually excellent bilateral relationships and also they are well represented in different nations about the human being. Canada has 240 Embassies and Consulates worldwide while United States of America has 302 Embassies and also Consulates international.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease the Canadian Consulate in San Diego could have changed its office hrs or services. Please do confirm personally.

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