Medically the review by Debra increased Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — written by sarah Bradley on July 29, 2020

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Viral illnesses space a big worry because that pregnant women. Numerous symptom-combating over-the-counter meds room off-limits — and thanks to a dilute immune system during pregnancy, a nasty virus can sometimes turn right into an also nastier infection.

That’s why vitamin C supplements favor Emergen-C — i beg your pardon promise to help you fight off every germ the cold, flu, and, er, pandemic season throws your way — are so tempting.

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These additional are prefer vitamin boosts, offering as lot immune-supporting vitamin C as a truckload the oranges — and also that sounds favor a pretty an excellent idea once you’re pregnant or nursing and also everyone approximately you is coughing.

But is that actually a good idea? most supplements are considered unsafe throughout pregnancy due to the fact that they no regulated by the FDA in the same way as drugs. Plus, some supplements and also medications taken if breastfeeding can impact your baby.

Emergen-C rests solidly in the check-with-your-doctor-first category, and also we’ll tell girlfriend why.

What’s in Emergen-C?

There space several various kinds of Emergen-C supplements, all of which contain what the brand phone call “high potential vitamin C.”

This is largely a an elaborate term because that “enough vitamin C to revolve you right into an orange,” however some vitamin manufacturers claim it method their recipe are much less likely to cause digestive uncomfortable and an ext likely to be absorbed into the bloodstream than various other kinds that vitamin C.

Some Emergen-C products, together as daily Immune assistance and magnified Immune support Formula, contain a chuck 1,000 milligrams every serving, along with:

Other Emergen-C products include:

energizing vitaminsplant-based vitaminselectrolyte drinksa sleep aid

These products may contain reduced levels the vitamin C but additionally probiotic strains, vitamins D and E, elderberries, melatonin, ginseng, and also caffeine.

Risks and safety of acquisition Emergen-C if pregnant

We gain it: No one wants to sit approximately peeling and eating oranges every day in an initiative to ward turn off the plague. There’s a many appeal in dissolving part powder right into water and also chugging under all the sweet, immune-boosting vitamin C in just minutes (or popping a pair of gummies or chewable vitamins).

But if you’re pregnant, you should talk come your doctor first. Many doctors advise pregnant females to steer clean of additionally — various other than prenatal vitamins and a grasp of much-needed nutrients — for a healthy pregnancy.

That goes for vitamin C, too, as the study is unfortunately lacking. The human being Health organization (WHO) reports that part studies have actually investigated vitamin C’s effects on pregnancy and birth outcomes, however the results have actually been mixed. Vitamin C improved outcomes in part cases, but not in others.

As such, the who doesn’t introduce the extensive supplementation of vitamin C throughout pregnancy. The doesn’t mean vitamin C use throughout pregnancy can harm you, yet it does median there’s not sufficient evidence the the benefits outweigh the risks. Plus, its effects on immune health and wellness specifically during pregnancy haven’t been very closely studied.

The limitations are slightly more lax because that nursing mothers, despite there are things to know there, too.

According to the Drugs and also Lactation Database, you can take a high everyday dose the 1,000 milligrams — like what girlfriend would find in Emergen-C — without any adverse results for you or her baby. However, high amounts of vitamin C can increase your milk supply, so if you’re currently struggling v overproduction, store that in mind.

The amount of vitamin C in Emergen-C assets varies yet tops turn off at 1,000 milligrams every serving for your immune-boosting formulas. Meanwhile, their power vitamins and also probiotics include between 250 and 500 milligrams.

According to the Office of dietary Supplements (ODS), pregnant ladies over 19 years old should acquire 85 milligrams that vitamin C daily, when breastfeeding women over 19 should get 120 milligrams daily. This numbers are slightly lower — 80 and 155, respectively — if you under 19.

As for exactly how much vitamin C you deserve to take without having side effects, the devices of Emergen-C recommend that nobody consumes an ext than 2,000 milligrams that vitamin C every day. The ODS confirms the this is likewise the upper day-to-day limit (UL) for pregnant and breastfeeding women over 19.

Short-term use of an ext than 2,000 milligrams every day may not cause any kind of problems other than mild cradle distress, however some research has presented that long-term “megadoses” of vitamin C could reason kidney stones or excess stole absorption.

Unfortunately, pregnant ladies have much more vulnerable immune systems. In fact, they’re generally lumped right into that notorious “immunocompromised” category together with infants and the elderly. Girlfriend know how you can not eat soft cheese throughout pregnancy since you can get construct listeriosis? That’s since your immune device is weaker 보다 usual.

That said, you’ll gain some supplemental vitamin C in her prenatal vitamin, though the lot will differ by brand. Most contain around 85 milligrams every serving, which puts you squarely in the “recommended everyday value for pregnant women” camp and should be enough to store you healthy and balanced under typical circumstances.

Whether you pick to add an additional vitamin C complement is as much as you — you may feel you require it during sick season (or if you have actually other small children at house constantly share all your preschool germs v you). But you need to ask your doctor an initial if it is OK, and how much extra you should take.

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Don’t forget the you can additionally get an extra an increase of vitamin C from foods, which is a safer however just-as-effective means to boost your levels. Try eating several citrus fruits, red and green pepper, broccoli, cherries, spinach, and also strawberries.