It downloads the game and also can it is in played, if you have to use your steam personal, close ours and also enter yours as usual. To go back to our account, just run Steam_RD2.exe.

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Known issues of Red Dead Redemption 2 ~ above PC and their solution

ACTIVATION does no fail as soon as updating the system, also as an altering PC components.(Rockstar games Launcher will certainly start instantly when you start the game via Steam, you don’t should do anything in ~ all).

If that asks about CLOUD progress, select «NOW», otherwise friend will shed your progress!

We make an auto-login to our account, you have the right to reboot the system, etc.If during the loading that the game until the MENU appears you space thrown out, execute not worry, who logged in together you space in the very same account, in this case, wait a couple of minutes, and re-enter.


Perhaps someone rather is at this time launching the game “before the menu”, several human being cannot simultaneously get in the game for obvious reasons, wait a little bit and shot again.ALSO do backups of progress, castle are here C: \ users \ BBB \ documents \ Rockstar games \ Red Dead Redemption 2

It is forbidden to play this game over the network, through multiple logins from various IP account the banal ban, you will certainly lose access to the game and your save. Us will check out a notice by mail through which IP the input was, in which situation you will still it is in left there is no money! for this reason play specifically in story mode!Also, do not drop trainers, etc. Into the game’s folder, this will likewise come to the account ban. The launcher scans the game folders every time the starts.We execute not recommend dragging it v while this activation scheme works, in the future they have the right to cover up the chance to play like that.The guarantee does not use if the developers in one method or another block (until there were no such cases) the opportunity of activating or launching already activated gamings or add-ons, nevertheless of exactly how much the game has worked, if this happens claims DO not BE embraced will be.For insults, disrespectful relations, etc. Voiding every warranty obligations without refund ..

We shot to always be in touch indigenous 8:00 to 23:00 Moscow time. If we haven’t answered friend immediately, please perform not panic. We will certainly answer as shortly as possible.

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At the moment, there may be problems starting the game throughout a period of high demand, particularly in the evening on weekends. If you room thrown the end of your account, asks for a password, writes that the video game is currently working on another computer — shot to operation it later. early to feasible launch difficulties during periods of high demand, in bespeak to boost the possibilities of playing the next time, us recommend that you execute not turn off the game, however turn it off and, accordingly, carry out not turn off the computer, but put it to sleep mode. Or take care of transforming on the game in development so as not to pack the account at rush hour. We understand that the systems is far from the best, but so far we can’t offer it better.