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Dear house Ec 101,I love her site! Love the 50’s look!I want to mop with bleach when a month to help keep ours grout white, but mopping with bleach and water does no seem come clean the floor well. Your website came up as soon as I googled i beg your pardon cleaners/soaps can safely be mixed with bleach? In other words, can I mix chlorine bleach and Fabuloso or Pinesol or straightforward Green?Signed,KABOOM


This is a practice that have the right to have deadly results; ns cannot emphasize this enough. Chlorine bleach is a an excellent disinfectant and also has many safe and also useful applications about the house, yet you need to use an excellent judgment.

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You may mix chlorine bleach through laundry detergent however this isn’t great for your purposes.


Cleaning action is created through four different mechanisms:

Heat – the hot your equipment the more dirt can be in the systems -think of exactly how salt dissolves much better in warm waterAgitation / physical – scrubbing (yay) gets rid of dirt corpuscle from the surface they were stuck toChemical – different chemicals can increase the number of particulates that have the right to be suspended in a solutionTime – chemical reactions space not always instantaneous, and also sometimes various solutions require time to work. Store in mind that this can be both her friend and your enemy.For example, if you soak a stain in a detergent, the chemicals have the right to do their task on the stain, yet if given too much time they may additionally damage fibers and not just the stain.

Chlorine bleach is an excellent for disinfecting and also of food bleaching. However, as you have noted, it’s not that good at cleaning. Bleach can clean, but the molecules are easily used increase if the systems is used to eliminate organic matter -a nice way of speak dirt and also filth.

Sometimes clean is best done in a two-step process.

This two-step process is crucial if you room looking to sanitize or disinfect a surface, such just like cutting boards and also food preparation areas in the kitchen.First, you want to remove the organic issue (dirt) by washing, and then you want to address the stains or feasible lingering bacteria.

I also want home Ec 101 readers to understand that bacteria does not have magical abilities come cling to surfaces. If a surface has been thoroughly washed, it’s usually not important to go earlier and disinfect, uneven we’re mentioning a food preparation surface or dealing with endangered immune systems.

As far as your particular question around tile:

While sealed ceramic brick will usually not be damaged through MOST family members cleaners, the grout is more easily damaged. Grout and the sealant that protects that from staining can be damaged through acidic or caustic (like bleach) cleaners.

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If her grout is stained, clean it thoroughly and also then stain and reseal her grout. The sealant will defend your grout indigenous future stains.