If you are someone that cannot have actually dairy milk, plant-based soy milk deserve to be an excellent option to use as an alternate. But what happens if you have actually as well a lot soy milk on hand? Can you freeze soy milk?

Today we will certainly look at whether or not you deserve to freeze soy milk and also exactly how you need to execute it to preserve its integrity when you thaw it out.

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What is Soy Milk?

With so many type of different dietary options accessible, it can be hard to keep up through the different milk options, some of which incorporate cow’s milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and soy milk.

So what specifically is soy milk? For some world who have actually a dietary intolerance to cow’s milk, a plant-based milk choose soy milk deserve to be a good different. The health and wellness benefits of soy milk differ from cow’s milk too. Because soy milk is plant-based, it has actually fewer calories than cow’s milk and also rice milk however double the amount found in almond milk and also coconut milk.

An advantage of soy milk is that it has actually a lot less sugar with only 1 gram of sugar per 8 liquid ounces. You still gain the fat benefit of 4 grams of fat per 8 liquid ounces and also 7 grams of protein per 8 liquid ounces.

Due to the fact that soy milk is such an appealing choice for some individuals, you may uncover yourself in a case wright here you have a wealth of soy milk on hand also and no clue what to carry out with it. This leads many kind of to wonder whether soy milk have the right to be frozen. The brief answer is yes, however tright here are some stipulations. Let’s take a look at what some of those stipulations are.

Can You Freeze Soy Milk?

So deserve to you freeze soy milk? It need to be provided that it is not generally recommended that you freeze soy milk.

If you have actually no various other alternative for your soy milk and you carry out not want to throw it out, you can freeze it and store it away for later on usage. However, you need to perform it properly by considering the following factors.

Changes in Texture and Taste After Freezing

When it comes to fresh soy milk, The taste and texture is exceptionally creamy and also smooth. This texture that so many soy milk drinkers love gets shed throughout the freezing procedure. This is because once it is frozen, the components that consist of soy milk come apart during the separation process. Also, this separation deserve to readjust the means that soy milk looks. The appearance itself deserve to make soy milk unappetizing when it has actually thawed.

Freezing soy milk deserve to likewise change the method that the milk tastes. During the freezing procedure, the ingredients’ separation will change the flavor and the aftertaste of thawed soy milk. Not just that however if you do not keep your soy milk correctly throughout the freezing process, various other food odors from your fridge can be soaked up right into the frozen soy milk and also readjust the taste of it also.

How Long Can Soy Milk Be Frozen For?

So, how long does soya milk last? If you are going to prep and also store your soy milk, you must arrangement to store it for no longer than three months. Soy milk storage much longer than three months will certainly bring about an unpleasant taste and also texture.

How to Freeze Soy Milk

Follow these easy measures to freeze your soy milk appropriately.

Tip 1: Use the Right Container

When freezing soya milk, you want to usage a container with an airtight seal on the lid. This will store odors in the fridge from seeping into your container and also getting absorbed right into the soy milk.

If you are going to be using a freezer bag, make sure the freezer bag has an airtight seal as well in order to prevent both order absorption and leaking.

Tip 2: Fill in the Ideal Amount

When you are storing your soy milk, you desire to make sure that you percentage out your soy milk correctly. Try to create sections that enable you to defrost the soy milk and also use it quickly. You have the right to freeze soy milk in quantities of cups and also pints.

Once you have actually determined on the amount you want, make sure your container has sufficient room for expansion. Since your soy milk contains water, it will certainly expand as it freezes. If you perform not leave enough room for development, your container have the right to break and also ruin your frozen soy milk or reason a leak in your freezer.

Tip 3: Label Your Soy Milk Before Freezing It

Labeling your soy milk is essential so that you deserve to keep up with the expiration date. When labeling, you deserve to either write down the day you are freezing the soy milk or calculate 3 months ahead of that day and also create dvery own the three-month expiration date. This will help you remember as soon as you froze your soy milk and once you should consume it.

Tip 4: Thaw Your Soy Milk Properly

If you are obtaining ready to consume frozen soy milk, you want it to thaw it appropriately. Never before let your soy milk thaw on a respond to as this will certainly spoil it. Instead, transport your frozen soy milk from the freezer into the refrigerator. Allow it to thaw in the fridge for several hrs. Once it has thawed, stir it well to lug back the soy milk’s original consistency and texture.

How to Use Frozen Soy Milk

Since frozen soy milk will frequently taste and also feel slightly different from fresh soy milk, you can desire to think about the various ways to consume it. Of course, you can always consume it as a drink, however frozen soy milk works good in baking, smoothies, and also also food preparation.

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Final Thoughts on Freezing Soy Milk

Have you ever before found yourself in a case where you have had too much soy milk on your hands? What was your remedy for storing it?

Let us understand in the comments area listed below what worked for you and what did not occupational in the freezing process. We hope our handy overview has actually been valuable to you in understanding how to freeze soy milk.