When it concerns our assets at Jakes, we want everyone to gain it to the fullest. Inspect out these three common questions you could have been wondering around our delicious gouda cheese from right right here in main New York!

1. Can I freeze my Jakes Gouda Cheese?

Answer: Yes! However, we only recommend freezing our Gouda if you setup to usage if for food preparation at a later time. Although the gouda cheese will be safe to eat, the texture will certainly often adjust once the gouda is thawed. Walk you recognize that Gouda is just one of the most basic cheeses come freeze? due to the fact that Gouda Cheese is a firmer layout cheese, freeze it often does less damages to the flavor and also texture as a whole. If you do pick to freeze her cheese, in bespeak to retain an exciting flavor, us recommend maintaining it frozen because that no much more than 6 months. As soon as it is time to unthaw her gouda cheese, place it in her refrigerator in ~ an also temperature and also enjoy it your soups, cheesy sauces, and an ext within 3 days.

2. Walk Gouda Cheese Melt?

Answer: Jakes Gouda Cheese makes everything melty, cheesy, and also saucy a million time tastier. In short, Gouda Cheese melts through ease. The best method to melt your Gouda is to use a twin boiler (like a fondue pot). Melting her Gouda cheese same will create a delectable texture and it have the right to be supplied in every little thing from soups, pasta sauces, gravy, for covering your burgers, nachos, cheesy veggie dips, and also more!

3. Exactly how Should I save my Gouda Cheese?

Answer: Here in ~ Jakes Gouda Cheese, ours Gouda is made v a organic milk casing. If you are buying ours cheese through the mail, you could end up wondering: how should I keep my Jakes Gouda Cheese?

First things first: action away indigenous the plastic wrap! We understand that that the first thing one thinks of once safely wrapping their food because that storage, however with gouda this is not the case. Cheese demands to breathe, and also when girlfriend wrap it v plastic wrap you are essentially suffocating the natural flavor and your cheese can even absorb the taste that plastic! we recommend wrapping your cheese in parchment or wax paper.

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This will enable the cheese to breathe and also keep it from drying out. When wrapped, store your cheese in a large Tupper undertake container and place the in the warmest part of her fridge, such as a cheese or vegetable drawer.

Do you have other questions about Jakes Gouda Cheese? Feel cost-free to shoot us a concern or provide us a call