The man said he was a "sovereign being" and the rules stating masks to be mandatory didn't apply to him.

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Despite Coronavirus situations shooting up, there"s no shortage of Covidiots — someone that ignores health advice around Coronavirus. A guy in the UK tried to use asthma together an excuse when a police officer pulled him up for not wearing a mask. The cop, who was wearing a mask, referred to as out the human being after pulling the end his very own inhaler to face the offender. The video clip footage of the incident was uploaded come Reddit and also has because gone viral. The incident happened in the UK wherein a new highly contagious strain has been detected over the previous month.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 14: Paul guys is handcuffed and also arrested by Police officers throughout an anti lockdown protest on November 14, 2020 in Liverpool, England. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, there have actually been recurring protests across England versus lockdown restrictions and other rules meant to curb the spread of the virus. Police in Liverpool have warned protesters the they will take action against protesters, who might face possible fines. (Photo through Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

The footage mirrors the maskless guy being traction up by a cop for no wearing a mask. The human being who movies the incident is clearly under the impression the saying he had asthma listed him v a cost-free pass. When being doubted for not wearing a mask, the pulls out a yellow inhaler and presents it as a get-out-of-jail card but the cop isn"t impressed and pulls the end his very own inhaler to show that it"s ok to wear masks even if you have an inhaler. The man refuses to give in continues to question the cops because that hauling him up and accuses one of the police officers of assault for touching him. The cop speak him clearly that he"s flouting the rules about wearing masks. He describes himself together a "sovereign being" however I"m not certain Coronavirus yes, really cares for that kind of jargon. If anything, you"re an ext susceptible come the virus if you have actually breathing issues. The cop calls the a "smart ass."

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VANCOUVER, WA - JUNE 26: Supporters and members the Patriot Prayer and Peoples rights Washington rally versus the Washington state mask mandate outside the Clark county Sheriffs Office top top June 26, 2020 in Vancouver, Washington. Washington state branch Jay Inslee bespeak a statewide mandate requiring face coverings it is in worn by anyone out in public start today in an initiative to sluggish the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) which is see a rise of cases in the state and across the country. (Photo through Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

The police officer climate asks him to leave however he refuses to. One of the policemans tells him, "You require to flourish up, mate." when the guy would have felt tower by acquisition a video clip and uploading the online yet a bulk of the Redditors sided with the cops and also labeled the guy a "Karen" because that his windy freakout end his sense of entitlement. One Redditor wrote, "When the man said he wasn"t obligated come wear a mask because he has asthma the cop should have just stated under-what-section-under-what-section-under-what-section? It drives me crazy that these Karens need that anyone else listen to their BS but won"t permit anyone else finish a sentence," created noparticularpoint, before adding, "I have asthma and also I wear a mask." 2 others who have actually asthma donate up the police police officers as well, writing, "I would certainly think if you have actually asthma, because an strike can start since of exterior irritants, a mask would be, if also ever for this reason slightly, beneficial." one more commented, "I definitely get more wheezy in cold, dry air. Masks space brilliant for me, I"ve needed much less refills of mine rescue inhaler this year."

"These human being are the worst kind. I have poor asthma. Prefer take a preventer double a day kind of asthma and also I deserve to still undertake a mask with no issues," composed u/Mauledbysilk. "Also asthmatics space so much more high hazard with Covid so nothing be an idiot, stay a mask for your own safety and everyone else’s!" another Redditor said using masks promoted their allergies together well. "I"ve found my mask walk in fact keep my allergy from walk off. There"s been a pair times whereby I had actually to visit a hospital since of one asthma assault due come a an especially nasty batch the "things alive near me today". In any case, this losers trying to case they don"t undertake a mask since of asthma are straight-up lying. If castle actually had asthma they"d be wearing a mask, because that their very own safety and also own comfort in understanding they aren"t going come collapse, gasping for air in ~ TGI Fridays due to the fact that some cactus across the street jizzed in their breathing air," they wrote.