On one hand, seafood intake throughout pregnancy is said to be crucial for suitable fetal development. ~ above the other hand, seafood intake also entails exposure to ecological contaminants, most essential of i beg your pardon is methyl mercury.

Among the many species of seafood, crawfish is one that have the right to be safely eaten by pregnant ladies anytime throughout their pregnancy, as long as it has actually been effectively cooked. It has low mercury content yet is high in EPA and also DHA. According to U.S. FDA, it is just one of the best choices for seafood intake during pregnancy.

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services of Seafood input
What room Crawfish?
Mercury Exposure indigenous Seafood intake
references for Seafood intake During pregnancy
last Thoughts

Benefits of Seafood Intake

Seafood’s nutritional benefits space attributed to its high-value protein and also unsaturated fatty acid content, also as details vitamins and minerals (Branciari et al., 2020). Seafood is considered an essential source the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), especially eicosapentaenoic mountain (EPA) and also docosahexaenoic mountain (DHA) (Ozogul et al., 2007).

Studies have displayed that intake of omega-3 PUFA is linked to maintain of physiological functions, consisting of optimal cardiovascular system, brain and vision functioning. Likewise, it was shown that omega-3 PUFA have positive results on details diseases choose arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus, and are connected with avoidance of some wellness conditions, such as coronary artery condition and cancer (Pal et al., 2018).

A huge number the evidences support the recommendations to consume seafood that are high in omega-3 fat acids one to two times per week for your benefits in cardiovascular health, such as diminished risk of cardiac death, coronary heart disease (CHD) and also ischemic hit (Rimm et al., 2018).

During pregnancy, usage of various types of seafood has actually been associated with boosted neurocognitive breakthrough of infants when compared to no input of seafood. This advantage was checked out in the lowest amounts of seafood consumed, at around 4 ounces per week, and continued with the highest amounts, as much as 12-100 ounces every week (Hibbeln et al., 2019).

Moreover, any kind of level of seafood intake above no or rare usage was found to lower the prevalence of preterm births. This association was found to be stronger for lean fish contrasted to fat fish (Brantsӕter et al., 2017).

What are Crawfish?


Crawfish is a little crustacean that lives in new water. The is also called crayfish, mudbugs, yabbies or crawdads in different regions of the unified States. The looks prefer a little lobster, and also is similar in flavor come shrimp and lobster. They can be found in rivers, lakes, and also swamps all over the world.

Crawfish is typically cooked by boiling. After bringing water to a boil, the crawfish can be placed and also let cooked for 15 minutes. After turning off the heat, the crawfish deserve to be left in the water for one more 15 minutes before serving. It have the right to be consumed on its very own or added to one more dish.

The taste of crawfish is equivalent to combined lobsters, crabs and shrimps, though much less salty and sweeter. The claws, legs and also tails are generally the most desirable parts come eat due to the fact that they contain many of the meat.

Crawfish is divide in the classification of lean fish, as it includes less than 2% fat. However, crawfish was additionally found to it is in high in cholesterol, v 95.7 mg per 100 grams (Branciari et al., 2020). Back cholesterol content in seafood counts on your diet, age, sex, spawning cycle, season, and also geography, Donmez (2009) reported that freshwater fish had generally lower cholesterol contents than maritime fish.

The significant PUFA figured out in crawfish were EPA and DHA. EPA content was found to it is in 11.6% in crawfish. In comparison to other fish, crawfish was discovered to contain higher levels that EPA, exceeding the of DHA. For the omega-6 PUFA, linoleic acid (14.9%) and also arachidonic mountain (22.6%) were predominant in crawfish (Branciari et al., 2020).

Mercury Exposure from Seafood Intake

In despite the of the extensively acknowledged health benefits that seafood consumption, concerns have been carried up about the existence of danger contaminants, including hefty metals, methyl mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and dioxin-like contaminants (DLCs), and organochlorine pesticides. However, level of contaminants discovered are lower than the recommended limits. Hence, the health and wellness benefits that seafood usage outweigh the potential risks (Branciari et al., 2020).

Mercury exist in three main forms: metallic, not natural salts, and also organic compounds. These develops are existing widely in lakes, rivers and also oceans. They are taken increase by the water’s microorganisms and also transformed into methyl mercury, experience biomagnification and also causing far-reaching disturbance to aquatic resides (Jaishankar et al., 2014).

The significant route of human being exposure to mercury is through usage of contaminated seafood animals. Mercury is a developmental neurotoxicant. Pregnant women room exposed come mercury largely from seafood consumption (Trasande et al., 2005).

Methyl mercury is a sterilization of chemistry responsible for destruction of microtubules, damages to mitochondria, lipid peroxidation and accumulation of neurotoxic molecules, including serotonin, aspartate and glutamate (Patrick, 2002).

According to both ecological Protection company and the national Academy the Science, it is estimated that up to 8-10% of American women have actually mercury level that have the right to lead come neurological disorders in your offspring. The brain is the target body organ for mercury, but it can impair any type of other organ and also can bring about adverse effects in the nerves, kidneys and also muscles (Jaishankar et al., 2014).

Because that the selection of seafood types that are provided for human consumption across Europe, the europe Food security Authority (EFSA) advocates that every country consider its very own pattern the seafood varieties most frequently consumed to produce their very own safety levels of intake, while additionally evaluating the health and wellness benefits of seafood intake (Alexander et al., 2015).

Recommendations because that Seafood usage During Pregnancy

Raw Crawfish

According come the 2015-2020 diet Guidelines for Americans (DGA), between 8 and 12 ounces or one to two servings per week of seafood is recommended for pregnant ladies as a good source the protein, vitamins D and also B12, and also omega-3 PUFA. Consisted of in their finest choices list for seafood v low mercury content is crawfish. The median mercury concentration in crawfish is just 0.033 components per million together reported in the U.S. FDA website.

Seafood intake higher than the recommended amounts are typically not linked with one of two people further benefit or damage (Rimm et al., 2018). However, life or undercooked seafood can reason food borne epidemic or helminth diseases. Hence, pregnant women should never eat life or undercooked crawfish.

Additionally, standard food safety should be followed when food preparation crawfish in ~ home. Using different cutting boards and also utensils as soon as preparing raw crawfish can assist avoid cross-contamination. Extensively wash with soap and also water every utensils and food ready surfaces that come in contact with raw seafood come decrease the possibility of contamination. Hand washing before and also after food preparation is an in similar way very important.

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Final Thoughts

Crawfish is a highly nutritious, low-fat, type of seafood. But while crawfish is considered a “best choice” because that seafood intake during pregnancy, pregnant women have to remember to eat that only once prepared in a restroom manner, effectively cooked, and within the encourage amounts, to avoid food borne pathogens and also increased exposure to mercury. Carry out not hesitate to talk to her doctor around any seafood issue during pregnancy.

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