It’s not a good idea come bleach her hair immediately after using a color remover.

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You should wait ten days after making use of a color remover come bleach your hair. And also during those ten days, I’d introduce doing a restorative therapy to your hair at the very least once.

Do girlfriend think her hair will be able to perfectly resist the two treatments since your hair is thick and looks healthy?

If so, perform what friend will, but you’ll have to attend to the consequences.

Just choose I had actually to, as soon as I turned mine hair into a complete disaster ~ using shade remover climate bleaching it all in the same day.

But, at least in my defense, i didn’t know any better. Ns didn’t have actually anyone to avoid me with time or give me advice on just how not to damage my hair.

But girlfriend won’t have an excuse. What will happen will be entirely your fault because I’m telling you right now what can happen.

It’s like once you clock a fear film whereby they tell you beforehand that the photos that are about to show up on the screen might be difficult to watch for some viewers. They currently told you, so if you decide to store watching, what happens following is your fault.

This is the same.

Do you desire to recognize why i’m so tough?

Because i’m still trying to gain my hair earlier to the method it was before I removed the color and bleached it. I even went to the extreme of cutting off 6 inches of what supplied to it is in a long, beautiful mane.


And yes no coming back from that.

Do you want to hear the entirety story?

If so, pole around and grab a couple of tissues since I have the right to tell you that this story will make you desire to cry.

I promise come tell friend the truth; here’s what that going come be:

Why you shouldn’t bleach your hair automatically after making use of a color remover. Just how to effectively bleach her hair after applying the color remover.

After that, the decision is yours. But, if you want my opinion, it’s probably ideal to leaving the fear stories to Stephen King.

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Why it’s far better to wait a few days come bleach your hair after using a color remover


My story starts v a dye, that shade in a box have the right to be a tricky tiny thing.


My hair is irradiate brown. An extremely light brown. And for a long time, I’d wanted chocolate brown.

So, that course, the equipment was easy: usage hair dye. Ns bought semi-permanent dye when I was certain about an altering the color because I had heard it would damages my hair less than permanent dye due to the fact that it doesn’t contain peroxide or ammonia.

But, unfortunately, my expectations around the color stayed simply that way: expectations.

Because two days later, I already didn’t favor the color. Maybe it wasn’t a difficulty exactly with the color, yet a trouble of no being accustomed to see myself with darker hair.


What could I do?

A friend told me about the presence of shade removers. She didn’t have a lot of experience, yet she called me that she had read that they’re perfect for remove dye, especially if you use them shortly after dyeing her hair.

So, ns went because that it. But, again, ns wasn’t happy with the results.

Because even after using the shade remover, my hair didn’t go earlier it its herbal color.


And part parts became darker than others. At that point, ns was desperate.

I’d already used dye and also color remover, and also I still no happy with my hair color.

Then a tiny lightbulb went turn off in mine head: I might bleach mine hair! ns wish the power had gone out at that moment… but, that course, ns didn’t recognize then what would occur next.

I bleaching my hair. I even made sure to usage 20-volume peroxide therefore the procedure wouldn’t it is in so wild on mine hair.

But, I deserve to tell girlfriend if I could go earlier in time, I would rather have actually used a wig.


Because what happened next was hell.

My hair ended up a complete and also total disaster.

My hair that was strong before turned plasticky and also looked prefer it was around to break any type of second.

What happened?

I precise ran come a salon. And also even though i was for this reason desperate, the just thing they might do for me was reduced 6 inch of mine hair.


They provided me a few explanations, i beg your pardon I’ll go ahead and pass ~ above you, so girlfriend don’t do the exact same mistake.

return semi-permanent dyes don’t save on computer ammonia or peroxide, castle do occupational on the external layer of your hair, increasing the cuticle to deposit the brand-new pigments. Because of that, mine hair had already changed. And in the change, it shed moisture and also nutrients. Then, I included the shade remover come the already damaged mix. I did an ext damage to the cuticle, bring about it to lose more moisture and also weaken, especially the middle and ends. After all that, I also bleached my hair. And I did every one of that in just two days.

Think about it favor this: if that the middle of winter and you have a cold, would certainly you go exterior wearing just a bikini?

Of food not, due to the fact that then you’d end up v pneumonia rather of just a cold.

Unfortunately, ns did precisely that to mine hair. The was currently damaged and also weak, and also instead of providing it time come recover, I continued to torture that by bleaching it.

I have the right to assure girlfriend that once I left the salon through my hair usually burned and also 6 inches less of it than before, ns wasn’t so worry with the color anymore.

I might only problem that I’d wake up up morning morning bald. They told me in ~ the hair salon that it wouldn’t happen, and thankfully, they to be right.

They also told me what ns should have done if I had actually wanted to bleach my hair after making use of a color remover.

And that’s specifically what i’m going to tell you now.


How to prepare your hair in between using a shade remover and also bleaching it

I desire to be clear: the worry isn’t that you can not bleach her hair after making use of a color remover. Friend can, yet you should take a few precautions.

For example, you have to wait 7-10 work after one procedure to execute another.


Put you yourself in her hair’s shoes. If you were walking in the middle of the desert and also dying of thirst and also heat exhaustion, you wouldn’t desire to sit alongside a campfire.


Your hair is the same. The color remover takes far its moisture since you are using a product to get rid of pigment at the end of the day. So, it will take far the pigment and also some of her hair’s organic oils.

On height of the all, girlfriend will need to use peroxide come take far even an ext moisture and nutrients.

On the other hand, if you salary close fist to your hair, take treatment to nurture it for this reason it deserve to recuperate its humidity, oils, and also the nutrients it lost, you will do it be increase it.

How will certainly you strengthen it?

It repairs your hair through rebuilding the disulfate links in her hair that were damaged during the chemistry process.

You have to buy Olaplex 1 and also 2, which supplied to be only easily accessible in salons and also use it once in the days after making use of the shade remover.

That way, your hair will be much healthier and stronger when you bleach it.

You use the coconut oil as a mask, letting that sit for 30 minute in her hair. The coconut oil will permeate your hair’s cuticle, reestablishing its moisture and also helping the middle and the ends of your hair.

As you can see, what separates healthy hair from ruined hair, prefer what I ended up with, is just ten days.

If you think her hair deserves to wait ten days prior to bleaching that after utilizing a shade remover, listen to me.


Give that a possibility to record its breath and assist it be solid enough come tolerate the bleach.


Two months had gone by since that fateful day when my hair never ever went earlier to the way it was before.

Do I miss out on my luscious, lengthy hair? Yes.

Have I decided to accept my light brown hair? Yes.

Besides that, ns thankful since I at least didn’t finish up v burns on mine scalp, nor did ns lose all of my hair.

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Think the over because if her hair is fine and fragile, you can not have the same luck together me.

Now you know my story, carry out you think that worth wait ten days after using a shade remover come bleach her hair?

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