OK so what is the best way to get a girl back to chasing you. I made the mistake of coming on too strong with her and letting her know I really liked her. So the intense flirting at the beginning is now gone and we don't hang out or text like we did before.So how do I bring the "chasing" and flirting back after coming on too strong? I've heard ignoring her works but I want really specific things to do?

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Let's be objective for a moment... You didn't do anything wrong!9 out of 10 times, when a girl starts acting weird around a guy, it's because the girl is acting weird...not because the guy has messed up, even though he feels like he has.It's like getting pulled over by a cop when you haven't broken any laws. You shouldn't act or feel guilty, because you haven't done anything wrong. It's like you assume you're guilty just because the cop stopped you. The cop may be prejudiced, having a bad day, or just have a poor understanding of how the law is supposed to work.The second thing I want to point out is that you're thinking of this woman like she's a rat in a lab experiment. You're thinking, "If I modify the amount of cheese I give as reward, will the rat become more eager?"Sadly, sometimes that does work with humans...because on a very primitive level, we all have the same impulse controls, even though we're supposed to have quite a bit more evolution. But do you really want a woman who lets herself be so easily manipulated? If she's like that, then in reality, she's immature, insecure and a waste of time.I want to reiterate that you did nothing wrong by simply expressing your feelings to her. You were just being honest, and maybe that honesty is something she just can't handle, but that's her problem not yours.Or maybe she's playing games with you, trying to manipulate you now that she knows you like her. Maybe she thinks of you as a lab rat. That doesn't mean that you should start playing games and trying to manipulate her. The truth about these games is that there usually is no winner!So my advice is to play it straight. Tell her that you miss her company and you don't want her to feel awkward around you if she doesn't feel the same way as you. Don't admit that you did anything wrong though, because you didn't. Maybe she's just a little phased, because she didn't see the relationship going in this direction. You both need to realize that things evolve. You shouldn't expect it to go back to when she was "chasing" you, and she shouldn't expect it to go back to when she didn't know you were interested. And if she's not ready to move forward, at some point you will need to move on without her.But heaven sakes, don't just pretend to move on, hoping she'll come running back to you.

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Wait until you're actually ready to move on.