Download one of these (mostly) totally free business plan templates for children to help your child emphasis on a service idea.

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What execute super soakers, apple computers, and also Nike shoes all have actually in common?


They all began as a company plan.

A business arrangement template for youngsters is good for 2 reasons:

Your child deserve to play roughly with it and get familiar with what"s compelled (even if they never start the business)It helps kids focus on just one service idea at time, and also to view if they should relocate forward v it

No matter which category your own child drops into – just playing with company plans, or they have an actual service idea – I’ve obtained just the free business setup template because that you.

Honestly? i wish my own parents would’ve offered me one of these when, as a kid, my childhood friend and also I had come up with our very first kid company idea: selling bean bags. So, great on you for acquiring your kids involved with business plans so early in life!

Best Business setup Templates for Kids

Use among the business plan templates for kids listed below with one of these 16 kid organization ideas.

OR, assist them come use among their original principles sending sparks in their brain. You deserve to use these 3 son business plan examples for help with pour it until it is full it out.

1. Solid gold Biz Plan

I’ve been in business because that 7 years and I’ve made about every mistake in the book.

Probably one of the biggest? to be that ns didn"t sit down to compose a ideal business setup (or, any business plan) till I was numerous years right into blogging.

Because that this, I created a cost-free business setup template for kids and also teens (on web page 6 of this complimentary printable), so that they practice exactly how to carry out it right, from the beginning!

What renders my totally free Solid gold Biz arrangement different is the it starts your son thinking around the difficulty that they want to resolve – because ultimately, the is the function of creating a product or a service. To solve a certain problem for people.

It climate goes on come ask them straightforward questions that will focus them in top top what that takes to setup out a company idea.

For example, i raise the inquiry of just how much it will expense to not only develop the product/service, however to also deliver it and also maintain it. These are sometimes prices forgotten prices when producing a service plan.

2. BizKids’ guide to writing a company Plan

This totally free business plan guide for youngsters includes part for her idea, your marketing (and what makes your product unique), your startup costs, and an area because that pricing so the you can make certain you’ll do a profit.


At the end is a one-page review where her child deserve to write up your answers native the vault pages every in the same place. Good for tacking increase on the wall!

3. Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox

Anthony ONeal partnered up through Dave Ramsey to create theTeen businessman Toolbox, a kid’s businessman kit and little business guide for teens.

In other words, it’s so much more than just a organization template because that kids!


The business man kit includes the following:

Access to free Entrepreneur Toolbox appTeen portfolio BookDVD that Anthony’s training VideoParent’s overview BookPack of give thanks to You CardsDeck that Conversation Starter Cards about beginning a BusinessGoal Tracker Poster

Here"s my full review the the teenager Entrepreneur Toolbox.

4. Home Sweet Road’s My company Plan

Check the end this business arrangement for kids, i beg your pardon asks kids questions choose what makes their idea unique, whether or no their idea is a product or service, and also who your customers will be.


5. Proverbial house Maker’s household Business plan Guide

This is together a fun guide that you have the right to fill out v your child, teen, tween, or also the whole family. It includes family business ideas, a sales ledger, inventory worksheet, and much more.


6. Ceo Club child Entrepreneur Kit

Ready because that this? You can actually get an entire business-in-a-box (including a business arrangement example, and full guide on beginning a business) for her child.

They"re called Kid businessman Kits!

Kids deserve to choose in between three organization kits:

Homemade Dog Treats businessLuxury bath Bombs businessGourmet Cake mister businessMouthwatering Fudge businessHandcrafted soap business

Business setup Examples

You may be wondering whereby you can find business arrangement examples to show your children or teens.

For starters, you must look best at home. Space you a tiny business owner?

Then you’ll absolutely want my complimentary Take Your child to work Day printables – it’s obtained a section for girlfriend to fill in around your own business, i m sorry is a perfect business setup example to comment on with your child.

You can also find two business setup examples on the small Business Administration’s website (scroll down until you see red buttons to Rebecca’s example service plan, and Andrew’s plan).

They’re not completely kid-friendly, but can provide lots of principles for the kind of information and also research come put into a business plan.

Business Plan activity Worksheets

Check out these cost-free PDF Shark Tank worksheets for students. Student or children can work through coming up v their own service idea, produce an advertising for it, and also a scoring card to referee the company ideas.

You’ll find a cost-free 30-minute little Business administration course for young entrepreneurs meant for teens that you can use through your student (or have your son go through).

Hint: In objective 3, that goes over exactly how to produce a organization plan.

Are friend an educator? an excellent – you can get totally free entrepreneur curriculum for qualities 1 – 12, with many worksheets, from the endeavor Lab.

Further resources include:

Grab 23 an ext entrepreneur lesson plans here.

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I hope you"ve uncovered some company template for kid resources that interest you? Below, you"ll find other connected kid entrepreneurship short articles that will assist your kids, teens, and students learn around the entrepreneur job path.