Build-A-Bear is a leading retailer and brand the teddy bears and also stuffed animals, based out of Overland, Missouri, united States. Lock are know for a distinct feature that allows customers to have actually their teddies custom made in ~ the "workshop" ar of the store. The publicly traded firm (NYSE: BBW) selling its commodities from end 400 outlets throughout the world, as well as online at

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Popular Build-A-Bear Coupon codes & Deals

FREESHIP40 Free Shipping on purchases end $40.00Nov 15, 2021
SHIPFREE40 Free FedEx - SmartPost Shipping on orders of $40+Nov 15, 2021
2MINIUS 2 Mega Minis for $18Nov 15, 2021
2MEGAUS 2 Marvel Mega Minis because that $25Nov 15, 2021
Up to 18% Off total Purchase with a Discount eGift CardNov 15, 2021

The online store is specifically popular because of the one-of-a-kind offers and also deals available, that can help you make savings. These room redeemed withBuild-A-Bear coupons, a perform of i m sorry we keep up to date here in ~, for this reason be sure to check ago before ordering. We also haveprintable build a be afflicted with coupons​ if you like to shop in store.

Maxine Clark foundedBuild-A-Bear in 1997 through a solitary store in theSaint louis Galleria​ shopping mall, inRichmond Heights, Missouri. The majority of their places are within existing shopping malls. Within about 10 year she had grown the firm to practically 400 stores, including locations in the UK, Canada, Australia, south Africa, Japan, Brazil, and the center East.

The website walk live as early on as 1998 but it would start accepting complete orders until number of years later. This particular day it has an advanced customization platform and many other fun features.

Build-A-Bear makes hundreds of millions that dollars every year and has end 5,000 irreversible employees throughout its chain the supply.Sharon Price John​ at this time serves together CEO, when actress and also singerVictoria Justice​ is the celebrity spokesperson.

Build-A-Bear Sells

Build-A-Bear's selection covers a wide range of teddy bears and stuffed animals, all of which have the right to be customized with patterns, clothing and also accessories in the "workshop."

Popular stuffed pets include Bunnies, Cats and also Dogs, and you can likewise find licensed minimal edition teddies indigenous the likes that Star Wars, Minions, Disney, My tiny Pony, Applejack, and many others.

Clothing for your pet can incorporate Pants, Tops, Costumes & Outfits, and also Sportswear. In some cases you can also write your own message on garments such together T-Shirts.

Accessories incorporate Hats & Headwear, Footwear, Glasses, love Cushions, Balls, Chairs, Blankets, and much more. You have the right to even choose sounds and also jingles the teddy will certainly make once squeezed.

Depending ~ above the offers obtainable at the time, yourBuild-A-Bearcoupon code might cover item from all of these categories or details products only.

The site is an extremely easy to use, allowing customers to browser via the above categories or usage the find bar if they have actually something particular in mind. Product listings are easily refined by Type. Color, Gender, occasion (Birthday, acquire Well etc), Price Range, and many other parameters.

When you add a stuffed animal to your basked friend will acquire easy web links to surname Me, add Sound, and also Dress Me, though you can just as quickly checkout without including any extras.

If you're shopping because that a gift and also want come let the recipient choose their own animal and also accessories, why not buy a gift card? these come in values between $5 and $100 and can it is in emailed or sent out as a physics card.

Payment Methods

Build-A-Bear accepts all usual forms of credit transaction card and debit map for payment, consisting of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Friend can additionally use their very own branded gift cards for every or part of her order, the remainder which must be payment by card.

If you great to redeem aBuild-A-Bear coupon code, every you need to do is copy the password over indigenous and also enter that in come the "promo codes" crate within your basket. If valid you will view a check message and your complete order price should fall accordingly.

Shipping Options

Shipping on all orders end the worth of $40 is cost-free within the United states by using the applicableBuild-A-Bear coupons at the time (please check our list to continue to be up to date). This will certainly be sent out via FedEx Smartpost.

Without this offer you deserve to choose in between Standard, FedEx Ground, FedEx 2nd Day, FedEx next Day, which room increasingly an ext expensive. For precise quote friend should include items to her basket, enter your delivery deal with and choose which delivery option girlfriend want.

International shipping is also easily accessible (excludingMexico, Uganda and Nigeria). This deliveries deserve to take as much as 21 days.

Return Policy

The store operates a 90 work return policy, allowing you come return any brand new unwanted items in ~ 90 days because that a full refund minus shipping costs. These deserve to be extended if her order was received in error or items were damaged/defective ~ above receipt. It's wise to contact customer support before sending noþeles back.

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Of food if you have actually used anybuild a be afflicted with workshop coupons to acquire a discount, friend will only be refunded the yes, really amount fee to her card ~ the code was applied.