Now, if friend are in search of the Legend the Bruce Lee (and no I execute not average a movie or anything), you will not find it in this book.The man Linda Lee defines here is simply that, a man. A very intelligent and driven man, no doubt, with all species of personality flaws and merits however he is not a legend. The publication did a fine task in dispelling that and also showing Bruce Lee more than likely as the guy he was. Which if girlfriend ask me is much better since Bruce Lee did not also remotely begin of as the guy he later on became. Wh Now, if friend are trying to find the Legend the Bruce Lee (and no I execute not mean a movie or anything), you will certainly not uncover it in this book.The guy Linda Lee defines here is simply that, a man. A an extremely intelligent and also driven man, no doubt, through all species of personality flaws and also merits however he is no a legend. The publication did a fine project in dispelling that and also showing Bruce Lee most likely as the man he was. I beg your pardon if you ask me is far better since Bruce Lee walk not even remotely begin of together the man he later became. What you see below is most likely a much better role design than all the myths about him being born a fighter. But that is no what the was, he made himself into that. (view spoiler)The information around his beforehand years (view spoiler)<(the harsh realities the Hong Kong, his thin frame, his temper and also impish behavior) (hide spoiler)> is yes, really interesting and puts Bruce Lee out of legend and into reality. Actually this provides me anxious regarding how his movie portrayals are, because I never ever saw them.But one of two people way, like I said, this is the story of an actual human with all his an excellent sides(view spoiler)<, his household was most necessary to him and also he had a distinctive style in training and also endurance (hide spoiler)>, but likewise of a male with flaws.(view spoiler)< because that instance: he was so thrust to discover Kung Fu together a teen he was occasionally telling the other students the lesson was cancelled so he can get "private" lessons and his brothers remembered that he can stand in prior of a winter for 15 minute to perform his hair or tie. (hide spoiler)>Also that is clear that if specific things had actually gone differently(view spoiler)<, e.g. If his mommy hadn"t told him to acquire his act together or Linda having actually made sure he staied in reality (hide spoiler)>, the man we today know as Bruce Lee can have never existed, perhaps he can have been dead by now(view spoiler)<, because according come another resource the man he beat up together a teenager was the kid of a crime mr (hide spoiler)>.Overall (hey i don"t want to spoil any more for you than absolutely necessary) this to be a pretty exciting book. It was simple to read and also the photos complemented it nicely (view spoiler)<(how someone have the right to say Robert Lee looked "very chinese" back then is something i will never understand, at least he doesn"t look prefer that here; not to mention I knew Brandon and also Shannon turned the end white yet I didn"t understand Brandon to be blond together a small child) (hide spoiler)>.All in every this book made me much more curious not just around the guy but additionally the phenomenon that was Bruce Lee. Sure he was warm as hell, the embodyment of masculinity and also of high intelligence and also probably a martial artist icon for decades, however there should be much more to it. Certain he walk something new, yet there must have actually been miscellaneous else that made the floor so abundant for the seed he planted, especially since he had caused so lot controversy. And also not so lot in America yet in China. (view spoiler)Also ns make a prediction: No movie might ever truly present this man. Over there is just not enough time because that it. A lengthy running TV series might do it, however not a single movie, not even a trilogy.So would I to speak you need to read this book:Oh yeah!!!! ...more

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Intéressante petite biographie.

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La traduction est boboche (édition québécoise chez Feu Vert), mais ca donne le goût de voir les films de Lee, que je ne connaissais pas to add que ça.