Craig Robinson returns together the Pontiac Bandit in a near-perfect episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Check out our review!

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This Brooklyn Nine-Nine review includes spoilers.

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How do you ease the ache of shedding a fan-favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine character? Well, girlfriend compensate by bringing earlier a various fan favorite! Yes, everyone’s favourite criminal Doug Judy, aka the Pontiac Bandit, returned to the Nine-Nine cosmos this week to when again team-up through his best buddy and frequent adversary, Jake Peralta, to record a copycat auto jacker.

Craig Robinson’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine appearances as Judy usually lead to the series’ very best episodes, and also I’m happy come report that his recent drop-in stays up to the high traditional that he and the creating team have actually set. Samberg and Robinson plainly have a blast playing off one another and also each time the they team-up, their characters end up being even an ext hilariously chummy. If the remainder of the BK99 cast ever gets tired of make the show, a spin-off starring Samberg and also Robinson together pop-culture referencing vice detectives would certainly be the pure best-case scenario.

Each season has had actually its Pontiac Bandit episode, with part of the funny being that Robinson it s okay to bounce turn off a different member of the precinct. After replacing Holt’s precious car, safety a cruise v Jake and also Amy, and also repeatedly crushing top top Rosa, “A tale of 2 Bandits” finally finds Terry recorded in Judy’s orbit, and he’s having actually none the Jake and Doug’s buddy-buddy regime or Judy’s basic laid-back demeanor. After ~ discovering evidence of a copycat auto jacker, Terry instantly suspects Judy, though Peralta doesn’t desire to think that his friend has returned come a life of crime. Once they decision to look right into Judy, they make the surprising exploration that he is passed away, but any long-time viewer knows this is just another one the Judy’s cons. Peralta and Terry attend his funeral come look for an additional potential suspect, conference Judy’s sisters Trudy in the process. It’s conveniently revealed that Judy is still alive, and also he describes that he’s faked his death because this copycat has stolen crime ceo Stefano Lucas’ car. In spite of Terry’s misgivings, Peralta gets recorded up in the organic banter and also chemistry he has with Judy and invites him once again to consult ~ above the case.

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After part bar mitzvah shenanigans, things get complex in a hurry when it transforms out that Judy’s sisters is behind the copycat thefts, utilizing Doug’s old journal as a guide. Nicole Byer, who plays Trudy Judy, is usually also over-the-top and also for my tastes, yet she keeps things restrained and also avoids her common instincts come ham the up. Trudy dram the victim, and being the protective large brother the he is, Doug tells terry that he’ll assist lead them come Stefano and also recover the car if it way a diminished sentence for his sister. So, with an additional Judy sibling in the mix, the foursome job-related to recoup the stolen automobile and set up a sting operation on Stefano. After ~ the automobile is secured and also the sting is set, the vehicle unexpectedly explodes, and Trudy it s okay away in the process. It’s climate revealed that Trudy is reduced from the same fabric as she brother, as she was functioning both Doug and also the police to secure an chance to flee. The a funny twist on the way that Doug regularly slips v Jake’s fingers by double-crossing him the finds Doug top top the receiving end of a con. In ~ the finish of the day, Trudy escapes, yet Doug stays clean, to the happiness of Jake.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the Nine-Nine find themselves in a drinking competition with the new York Fire Department over squatting civil liberties at your favorite regional hangout, Shaw’s. It’s the perfect B-plot since it’s a an easy premise that has the remainder of the cast and finds each of them displaying the irquirky personality traits, through the kicker being that they’re gaining progressively much more intoxicated as the episode goes on. I’ve to be saying it a lot lately, but Amy gets the funniest material, as we’re reminded that the many stages that drunk Amy. Also, shouts out to the camera occupational when Boyle do the efforts to provide a motivational speech. Things look downright cinematic prior to Boyle pukes and the picture reverts ago to normal. As soon as it appears that they’re walking to shed the drink contest, Holt actions in in ~ the critical minute to support his colleagues, also if Shaw’s floors are far too sticky.

Overall, this is a close to perfect episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, simply due to the fact that it shores on friends favor Peralta and also Judy and the rest of the Nine-Nine crew through one, through everyone just enjoying every other’s company. The shame that we’ll probably need to wait for Season 7 (if there will also be a Season 7) prior to we get one more Craig Robinson guest spot, but if this illustration is any kind of indication, it’ll be precious the wait.

BK99 Blotter

– “You recognize who else was funny? invoice Cosby!” – Boyle

– The Pontiac Bandit has appeared so typically that even Jake can not keep every one of his appearances straight.

– Doug Judy has told his mommy that Jake is his assistant Mangy Carl, and also that he is an architect functioning on LeBron James’ institution for black astronauts.

– component of Mangy Carl’s unfortunate back (ahem) story is the he got some back-alley butt implants the turned out to just be mulch. Yikes.

– Holt is really upset the the philharmonic has included another piccolo. The audacity!

– “Get all set for the backdraft, bitch.” – Hitchcock

– Jake deserve to confirm as soon as Judy attests the no one likes hip-hop much more than a thirteen-year-old Jewish boy.

– The best scene in the illustration hands-down is as soon as Jake and also Doug have actually fun rhyming the word “Judy.”

– simply for my own records, three-drink Amy is Dancy pants Amy, four-drink Amy is Horny Amy, and nine-drink Amy speak French. Rosa imply that four-drink Amy must really it is in retired in the #MeToo era.

– another standout hoax is Doug presume that terrycloth is a pervert since of his suspenders. The thinks that Terry needs to “tie his pants under to keep them from flying off.”

– the is revealed the Judy has an aversion to fire, which leads to Jake to compare him to The Hound, and also Judy comparing Jake to Arya from game of Thrones.

– hearing Holt to speak “Ya boy’s turnt” included 5 year to mine life.

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