The rate of irradiate Trial is a trial in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath that the Wild.

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This page has actually the walkthrough/solution to the rate of LightPuzzle.


Recommended Runes



Turn to the right and drop over the ledge there.Drop down to the reduced floor. Head end to the left and also take the ramp back up come the entrance suggest of this shrine.Turn come the left of whereby you come in. Over there is a giant spinner the you can push.Interacting v this crackhead will reason the laser beam top top the left-hand side of the room come rotate approximately the room, hitting a decision switch on the opposite side.When this crystal switch is hit, the water level will certainly raise. Wait because that it, top top the ledge, to with its preferably level prior to proceeding.Swim the end to the ice Pillar and climb up it to to climate jump and also land ~ above the ledge with the crystal.Return to the ledge through the enntrance gate to the shrine.Quickly rotate the crackhead 180°, be certain your back is to the water.Run right into the water, dash if you have the staminaSwim over to the open up doorway opposite whereby you came right into the shrine.If excellent right, connect should do it come the ledge before the water level drops.Wait for the water level come lower. Otherwise you will certainly not have the ability to activate the next switch.Place the steel barrel on the push plate in ~ the bottom that the ramp. This will open up up the gate at the peak of the ramp.Go v the gate and also to the ideal of the Sheikah Monk. You will certainly a chest friend cannot automatically reach.The water level will rise, close up door the door you simply passed throughClimb increase onto the ledge making use of the ice cream Pillar.Drop turn off the ledge.

Strategy Guide/Tips

This attempt can call for some an accurate timing the execution. Mean to attempt things a few times to obtain all the chests.

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Video Walkthrough

Speed that Light video clip Walkthrough

Shrines of Trials Puzzles

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