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If there’s one thing you learn quickly in bra fitting land, it’s that the grass is always greener on the other size side. For every woman who wants to add an inch or two, there’s another woman wishing she was a little less endowed.

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In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of bras and answer the titular question. No matter what look you want, there’s probably a bra out there that can help.

The Minimizer – Will it make me look bigger? NO.This one’s a gimme. True to it’s name, a minimizer bra is designed to rearrange the breast tissue to create the illusion of smaller breasts. Depending on the style, you could look one to two cup sizes smaller in a minimizing style than a regular bra. Of course, there are some limitations to the minimizer’s magic. In order to be effective, this type of bra demands full or nearly full coverage. Minimizing strapless or demi cup bras just wouldn’t work. And since the breast tissue needs somewhere to go, your bust may look a little wider in exchange for having less projection.

Cups that are too small – Will it make me look bigger? NO.Can I say it again? No, no, no! A lot of women with larger breasts try to squeeze into a smaller cup size than they really need. But trust me, this does not minimize you and it won’t give you a flattering shape. A H cup that fits is much, much better than a DD that doesn’t.

The Molded Cup – Will it make me look bigger? NO. Molded cup bras are bras that have thicker cups that hold their shape after you take them off. You may have heard them referred to as “T-shirt bras”. This genre of bra is pretty misunderstood. Because molded cup bras look bigger on the hanger, many women assume that they will make their breast look larger. Not so! Molded cups will lift your bust and give it a rounder shape, but most will not add to your size. In fact, this type of bra is often very flattering on larger cup sizes.

Cups that are too big – Will it make me look bigger? YES, BUT…On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve seen women with smaller breasts try to look larger by wearing a molded cup bra that has larger cups. If you want to go this route, be sure that you find a way to fill in the rest of the cups, or else you’ll look a little sloppy under your clothes. A bra insert like HerLook Cupcakes is a great way to add volume so that the bra fits properly.

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The Push Up – Will it make me look bigger? YES.Let’s end with an easy one. Push up bras are padded bras that are designed to create cleavage. A push up bra is the best way to add volume to your bust. I particularly recommend a push up bra with removable “cookies”, which will let you customize the size based on your outfit!

Have a question about how a bra will make you look? Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments for the next edition of “Does this Bra Make My Boobs Look Big?”