Located in beautiful Hampton, VA, Sparetimes is one independently-owned and also -operated bowling center, in business due to the fact that 1960. Enjoy an ext than 30 well-maintained lanes, and a pro shop, full bar and also game room. We welcome individuals, groups, leagues, parties and much more who are trying to find a great time bowling in Hampton, VA!

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Looking because that a great place to invest an enjoyable time through friends and family? put your bowling pair of shoes on, action up to the lane and throw a couple of strikes in ~ Sparetimes! for decades, we’ve to be a destination bowling alley in Hampton, VA, welcoming bowlers of all ages and also skill levels. Whether you’re searching for a fun family members night option with affordable bowling prices or desire to strut your stuff in a league, we welcome you. Our facilities are equipped with absolutely whatever you need—from shoes rentals and also balls, come a full bar and also game room. We want to make sure you have such a good time that you can’t wait come come back!Our bowling center in Hampton, VA has actually just about everything you’re trying to find when it involves the sport. Visit our agree shop to share up on gear or acquire some sage advice for the lanes. In between frames, we’ve gained a cold drink waiting for you in ~ the bar. If you hosting a party, fine be glad to to make reservation lanes for you and also your group, together with food and also drink. Even our facilities themselves room comfortable and also welcoming, with couch-style seating and modern-day digital scoring! Contact us today! even if it is you have a enthusiasm for bowling or space just searching for a fun method to pass the time, Sparetimes is certain to be your new favorite hangout and your go-to destination for a great time.


Adult 1 hour =$6 per human being plus taxAdult 2 hours= $12 per human being plus taxChildren 12 & under 1 hour =$4 per boy plus taxChildren 12 & under 2 hours= $8 per child plus taxShoe rental $3 per pair add to tax

We have actually 32 lanes ready to roll, welcoming bowlers of all ages! stop on in for family night, day night or parties and enjoy our friendly, exciting atmosphere!In enhancement to ours well-maintained bowling alley, we market a full bar, snack bar, pool tables and also game room.We have actually seasonal leagues because that bowlers of every ages and skill levels. Placed together a team and also see if you have the right to take first place!Ask around discounted prices for kids and also military service members! every one of our bowling prices room upfront and competitive, so you can enjoy a an excellent time ~ above a budget.

Come Roll v Us!

From family outings come a bowling birthday party, day night come bowling leagues, Sparetimes welcomes you and also promises a fun-filled time at our bowling center! protect against in this day to learn around our bowling specials or speak to to reserve a lane. Call Today!

Bowling funny for everyone, prevent by Sparetimes today!

Proudly located in Hampton, VA & serving the bordering areas, including:

Yorktown, VANewport News, VATabb, VACarrollton, VANorfolk, VA

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Monday:5:00 pm to 11:00 PM
Tuesday:5:00 afternoon to 11:00 PM
Wednesday:12:00 afternoon to 11:00 PM
Thursday:5:00 pm to 11:00 PM
Friday:12:00 pm to 1:00 AM
Saturday:12:00 pm to 1:00 AM
Sunday:1:00 afternoon to 11:00 PM