Can i say I"m born in Paris in 1900, or need to I say I was born in Paris in 1990?



"I am born" is the very first line that Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield. As soon as he created that line, however, that was making use of the stare present: an initial line of book = very first day that life because that David Copperfield = the personality DC is born. Otherwise, it's idiomatic to say "I was born..." You have the right to say "I'm native Paris" if you were born there however don't live there now, however it's strange to say "I'm born in Paris in 1990" (1900 is virtually difficult for all intents and also purposes today).
"I to be born in Paris in 1990" is the exactly statement come use.

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"I"m" is a condensed kind of "I am" which is present tense, together you room talking around a past event "I was" is used.



"I was born" - due to the fact that this is a passive form. The mom bears the child, and also when she brings him/her (it, in brother English, by the way) forth, the kid is claimed to be born.

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The active verb "nascere/nascer/naître" is changed by this passive, semantically equivalent to "my mother has born me", in English, German - ich bin geboren (worden) - and other languages.


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