In this song Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are talking about making money and their love for making money. Each verse explains their various methods of making money. The prevalent theme… Read More 

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For the love of moneyGotta make that money, manThat money, man, it's still the very same nowGotta make that money, manThat money, man, it's still the same nowGotta make that money, manThat money, male, it's still the same nowGotta make that money, manThat money, male, it's still the same nowGotta acquire on the grind, pop in the clip of my 9And, bitch, if you slip, you hit the chalkAnd autumn in the night time, gotta get mineAin't takin' no shorts or no lossesHop on the phone, contact up my nigga, sittin' at homePolishin' that MAC-10 chromeGot a lick we have the right to hit, so carry yo' shit'Cause once again it's on (For the love of money)To the dome via a fifth of Bourb'My wig to the curb so we swerve and also rolled outTo pick up the triple 6 thugAnd follow the murder for robbin' the dope home (For the love of money)Smoke up outta me bongSo high, now comin' to slay via 4 grenadesAnd a gauge, I'ma playWatch all 'em loss in their grave and lay (For the love of money)Pullin' in the drivewayWish spotted the place and also easily rolled upBulldozed via the livin' roomHopped out of the automobile and also began to blow up (For the love of money)Buck buck and a kaboomAnd blew all them bodies almost everywhere the roomThem doomed, and gotta relocate fastWhy? The po-po's comin' (For the love of money)Snatch up me yummySo nigga, don't think it's funnyI'm comin' up quick in the nine-quad'Cause Flesh be lovin' his money, his money (For the love of money)
I'm provided up love to the hustlers, all them St. Clair thugstasMakin' that money, stayin' on your feetAnd you better believe, gotta have actually that cheeseFor the green leaves, never catch me sleep (For the love of money)Steady on the grind, acquire mineStayin' down for my crime, male I hit up the nine-nineGivin' up that yayoMakin' me sale, twenties, nickles, and dimes (For the love of money)Beat up and also stick up a lick up, that 2-11Gotta acquire what's mine, then bailin'Me kickin' up dust, I'm trailin'Failin', 1-8-7 (For the love of money)That's just how it isAnd I gots to have actually it in the nine-quadMission to inspect a mil'And still be actual, thuggin' on the Glock-Glock (For the love of money)Creepin' on the come up, won't sleep 'til I'm done upGotta blaze me blunt upHunt up an additional plot and schemeGotta make some green cause soldiers nut up (For the love of money)What up? Gotta acquire that organization onEven though the Buddha run meStun me, feelin' lovelyBut I'm simply in it for the love of the money (For the love of money)
>Gotta make that money, manThat money, guy, it's still the same nowGotta make that money, manThat money, male, it's still the same currently (For the love of money)Gotta make that money, manThat money, male, it's still the exact same now (For the love of money, yeah)Gotta make that money, manThat money, guy, it's still the same now (For the love of money)Standin' on the edge, straight slangin' rocksAw shit! Here comes the motherfuckin' cops (For the love of money)So I dash, I ducks and also I hides behind a treeMakin' certain them motherfuckers don't see me (For the love of money)Now my fat sack of rocks, hell yeah, I stuffed 'emPolice on my drawers, I had to pausage (For the love of money)And yeah, it's still motherfuck 'emNow my game is tight, tight as fuck is my game (For the love of money)Eazy-motherfuckin'-E or Eric Wideal, it's all the sameNow niggas could expedition on just how I stacks my grip (For the love of money)I gotta have it, bitch & Jewell>Gotta make that money, manThat money, guy, it's still the very same now (For the love of this shit)Gotta make that money, man (Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrr!)That money, man, it's still the same now (For the love of money)Gotta make that money, manThat money, man, it's still the exact same nowGotta make that money, manThat money, male (For the love of money)

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When dough obtained me thugstaThuggish means, down for my crime every timeFollow me down the nine-nineAnd you will uncover all of me kind (For the love of money)Check out the Ripsta now, drop downRun 'em up outta me hoodRip straight once makin' me grip with-a me clickRollin' with Ruthless, the thug I be (For the love of money)Me put 'em in mud, buck 'em, and also pump bloodGot nothin' to lose, bitchYou better respect ripOr you ideal simply check this slug (For the love of money)It's goin' down, stable pumpAnd peel rounds, gunnin' witha me gangBang, gotta make that money, manIt's still the very same, stable runnin' point wild (For the love of money)And follow me nowWhile I take you up into a barrel of a gunSee, for the dub you're doneFor the bud, I run, for the love of money (For the love of money)Gotta get dvery own for my thang off in this thug gameSo peep as me creep or me crawlin'Off on the mission to earlier in the daysWhen niggas was bailin' through sawed-offs and also wanted to get paid(For the love of money) Runnin' to my side, bit niggaRipsta, both on the mission for moneyYou offer up the cash, oh, that was your ass'Causage me and also my nigga was hungry (For the love of money)And, bitch, if you're stallin'You could just capture one to the templeAnd um, Bone raw doggin'So nigga, simply make this shit basic and run (For the love of money)To capture one niggaMe fill 'em with bullets and also dump 'em in riversRemember, me killer currently (For the love of money)For money, me dig you 6 feet in a ditchAnd acquire richer cause bitch, you were slippin'I'll reduced you and also rip you, then buck you down (For the love of money)Steady robbin' and also stealin', makin' a killin'Nigga drug dealin', needin' a millionHustlin' drugs as soon as the thugs be chillin'For the money, these niggas be sinnin'Off in the cut (For the love of money)Wbelow you discover a nigga thuggin' off in braids and also skulliesAnd once I stick you and also lick youRemember I obtain 'em up for the love of money (For the love of money)Love of moneyYeah, Bone in the motherfuckin' house for the nine-quads, niggaFor the love of moneyYeah, rollin' via Ruthmuch less in this bitchWhat civilization will certainly doMy nigga Layzie Bone, Bizzy BoneWish Bone and Flesh-N-Bone (For the love of money)And I'm that nigga Krayzie Bone (Love of money)In the motherfuckin' house