Are you a homeowner dedicated to establishing up the design of your lawn area and keeping it now and then? Then perform not worry!

Having a weed eater and also trimmer at your home is the ideal means to go.

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You deserve to reassure that your lawn and yard is a safe area to be and also will certainly sudepend have actually a fantastic watch.

That is if the equipment is functioning appropriately.

If the weed trimmer that you have actually bought has a defect that came through it, you must ask for assist from the company’s customer support or attempt to investigate what the trouble is by yourself.

You deserve to likewise try to follow guides you can find on the internet, just like some of these tips to recognize what to execute if the Black and also Decker Trimmer auto feed not functioning.

What Are the Features of the Black and Decker Trimmer?

Before we teach just how to deal with a non-functional auto-feed device, let’s initially have actually a great expertise of the machine itself.


1. Jammed Line

The many widespread cause of the Babsence and Decker Trimmer auto feed not working is a jammed line, which happens within the spool.

To proccasion this from happening, the line have to smoothly come out and also be winded tightly.

Also, avoid the overlapping of the lines since it have the right to additionally reason the lines to accumulation and clog the spool.

The spare line from Babsence and also Decker has a specific diameter, so this have the right to likewise cause the line to jam if the dimension does not fit the spool.

Buy the recommfinished line from the user’s manual and also use it to relocation the old line on the spool.

2. Sticky Spool

If a jammed line is not the concern, one more cause of the trouble may be discovered on the spool.

Any international object, dirt, or mud deserve to cause the line on the spool to stick onto it.

Thus, also though you have bumped the head, the automatic feed device will not occupational.

In this case, clean the spool with a detergent that you usage generally and rinse it via warm water.

3. Broken Spool

Aside from having a dirty spool, one of the problems that might cause your Black and Decker Trimmer Auto Feed not to occupational is that it is broken.

Cracks and unsupposed openings can also break the automatic feed mechanism.

The spool is the overview of the line, so it needs to spin accordingly on the head, and if it is bent or has actually cracks, the line will certainly not come out.

The just thing that you have the right to do to deal with this difficulty is to buy a replacement Black and also Decker spool from your neighborhood garden keep that sells.

Make certain that you buy a spool that fits your Babsence and Decker Weed Trimmer.

4. Broken Spring

Broken and dirty spools are not the only reasons of this difficulty.

The spring under the spool might also be bent or has shed its spring capacity.

If the spring is broken, the spool will certainly simply stay on the head.

Another point is that the spring might not be connected to the spool correctly, so it cannot perdevelop the job-related it requirements to perform.

Try pushing the spool against it now and then to inspect if it still has its resistance.

If the resistance of the spring is not sufficient for the spool not to work, you might need to rearea it through a brand-new one.


There are many reasons why the Babsence and also Decker Trimmer auto-feed system is not working.

The primary takeameans here is that you initially must determine the cause so that you deserve to fix the problem.

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If all else stops working and you can’t discover what’s wrong, contacting a experienced is the ideal way to go.