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Zenni Optical is an excellent digital save for super-affordable prescription glasses. They have over 1500 frames in all shapes, renders and also layouts for adults and also kids, and enable customers to pick and also pay for only the extras they want. If you"re looking for brand also name or designer frames, look in other places. What they lack in designer layouts, they consist of for in severe expense savings on prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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About Zenni Optical

Founded in 2003 by husband and also wife scientists in their Bay Area garage, Zenni Optical has actually been the location to turn to for affordable, stylish glasses for the last decade and a half. (They recently celebrated their 15th anniversary by selling their 20 millionth pair of glasses!)

The company’s mission has always been to market world great-looking glasses at a portion of the expense of designer brands.

Knvery own for selling glasses as low as $6.95, you can find a dizzying selection of styles and eyewear via over 1500 frames available.

The agency is able to market exceptionally low-priced glasses by creating and also producing every one of their frames and lenses in-home. Being an virtual keep, they likewise carry out not have retail overhead costs to pass on to you.

With their online try-on attribute and multiple lens options, you deserve to obtain a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses at a great price without ever before leaving home!

Company kind of Operations


With corpoprice headquarters in Novato, CA, Zenni designs and produces all of their eyewear in their very own 248,000 square foot manufacturing facility in China. From developing glasses through CADVERTISEMENT software program to manufacturing digital lenses, the entire procedure is tackled in-house from start to end up.

They develop men’s, women’s, and also children’s glasses and also sunglasses, and prescription sports glasses and also goggles. Each day, their factory ships out over 7,000 pairs of glasses to over 80 nations.

Shopping Experience

Zenni renders picking and purchasing glasses online as basic as feasible. If you’ve never before bought eyeglasses virtual before, they have a Quick Start dropdvery own overview situated at the peak ideal hand corner of the site via step-by-action instructions.


They additionally have actually valuable How-To video tutorials through additional indevelopment.

Each product web page consists of reviews and ratings for each structure from previous buyers. If you upload a photo of yourself, you have the right to likewise visualize whether the glasses will look excellent on you.

Check out our Zenni Optical FAQs

Our Zenni Optical Review

A pioneer in offering ultra-affordable prescription glasses, Zenni continues to market tremendous prices via numerous hundred frames under $20. Not only that, single-vision prescription lenses are consisted of in the price.

For our Zenni Optical review, we evaluated 4 pairs of glasses and sunglasses via different lens coatings and prescriptions. In our thounstable tests, we put a crucial eye in the direction of style, durcapacity, cost, and accuracy.

Lastly, we also review our as a whole shopping endure from begin to end up, and also provide our recommendations for who Zenni is finest for.

Zenni Lens Quality – 9/10

Zenni supplies customers a selection of lens materials and also indexes. From standard CR-39 plastic lenses (what the majority of human being with low-mid stamina prescriptions typically need) to 1.67 high-index, you can customize your lenses to the thickness and price you favor.


They likewise sell the super impact-resistant Trivex 1.53 index lens. This lens is a best-of-both people lens in between the CR-39 and the 1.59 polycarbonate. It it thinner and more impact resistant than CR-39 yet lighter weight and also provides crisper imeras than polycarbonate. The Trivex lens prices a secondary $29.95.

Aside from single-vision lenses, you deserve to also get bifocals and progressive lenses.

For our Zenni Optical testimonial, we ordered single-vision prescription lenses in the typical 1.50 index (consisted of in the expense of the frame), and a rimless pair through the 1.59 polycarbonate lens ($9.00 extra). We discovered both to be good top quality and also didn’t experience any problems or notification inaccuracies via the prescription.

All their lenses come through anti-scrape and also UV-security coatings included totally free of charge, which is nice.

The one thing we would certainly recommend if you’re planning to acquire the standard lens is to obtain the 1.57 mid-index given that it doesn’t price extra, is thinner, and has 100% UV defense.

It’s likewise necessary to note that your pupillary distance, or PD, need to be accurately measured if you want to encertain that your prescription lenses are providing you the proper correction. If it’s off, it will influence your vision, even if your prescription is accurately made.


Zenni Frame Quality – 8/10

In our testimonial of Zenni’s frames, we decided a choice of glasses varying from their lowest-priced $6.95 glasses to some of their top-end frames, and a couple of in the mid-range.

What we found is that the $6.95 glasses are pretty much what you’d suppose to obtain for $6.95. That is to say, they’re serviceable, yet rather cheap-looking and also kind of flimsy. We estimate that they’d last about 8-10 months via normal wear and also tear. But hey, for this price, you might always gain one more pair as soon as it wears out.

Their mid-array glasses ($15-$30) fared better and we’d recommfinish them for many people looking to usage them as their primary pair. A few of our favorite provides were their acetate, stainless steel, and blended product frames.

The the majority of expensive glasses at Zenni price $45.95. We ordered a few pairs of varying materials simply to check out whether they were any much better than the less expensive frames.

For the the majority of component, we discovered them to be around the exact same quality as their mid-range glasses. We didn’t check out the should obtain one of these over among the mid-variety pairs if you’re pertained to about top quality (unmuch less you occur to want a particular frame).

Zenni Style & Selection – 9/10

Zenni’s frames selection from timeless to trendy, yet we did uncover a lot of formats to be somewhat generic and cookie-cutter-esque. You’ll uncover all the trfinishing shapes and also styles obtainable, but the detailing isn’t what you’ll acquire with boutique or designer brands.

Having said that, right here are a few of our faves from their selection:

Cat Eye:


Frame $15.95



Frame $29.95



Frame $23.95

Zenni has actually a substantial selection of frames. One of the finest things around them is that you can rotate any type of pair of glasses into sunglasses once you select your lenses. You have the right to even acquire glasses through magnetic clip-on shades. Here’s one we liked:


Frame $35.95

Furthermore, Zenni additionally sells glasses for children, from tykes to teens. If you’re not certain what size will fit your child, there’s an era to size guide with references. In the Size dropdvery own filter, you’ll see the suggested dimension if you pick Kids, then click Yes next to “View By Suggested Age”:


For those of you with low nose bridges or high cheekbones, Zenni’s brand-new Universal Bridge Fit Glasses administer a selection of frames that will fit your features much better.

Overall, we discovered Zenni to have decent frames for the price, and a vast selection of layouts. If you’re trying to find discount glasses – whether you shed or break yours frequently, desire a few various pairs to change up your look, or require a backup pair – Zenni is a good area to shop.

Best Zenni Frames

Zenni Customer Service – 7.5/10

Zenni has actually had actually a spotty document through customer business throughout the years. The chief complaints many type of individuals have stated are lengthy organize times when calling customer service and challenge getting a timely/satisfactory resolution to issues through their glasses or getting a remoney.

Here’s a recent comment from a confirmed buyer on Consumer Affairs after contacting customer assistance for assistance replacing a defective pair:


Because we didn’t personally suffer any problems via our glasses, we didn’t need to call customer service to rectify any worries.

We did contact them using live chat throughout off-hours (11:30PM EST) to ask a question before we made a purchase, and were pleasantly surprised to obtain a representative within a couple minutes.

It’s necessary to note that Zenni’s refund plan is 50% or a one-time 100% store crmodify only excluding shipping if you request a rerotate within 30 days from receipt of your glasses. In a lot of the negative reviews we experienced, several people were upcollection to learn that the refund amount is only 50% of the expense of their purchase.

The verdict? If you don’t have any troubles with the glasses you order, you’ll most likely be happy via the service. Otherwise, if you need to contact them for aid with any concerns, it deserve to be a frustrating suffer.

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Zenni Cost – 10/10

This one is pretty a lot a no-brainer given that Zenni’s insurance claim to fame is their super low cost eyewear. With frames (including single-vision prescription lenses) as low as $6.95, even via shipping you’re still paying means much less than you would certainly at any kind of optical keep or also other virtual shops.

The a la carte nature of Zenni’s customization alternatives indicates that you’ll pay additional for extra lens options and treatments that aren’t consisted of (UV-security and anti-scrape coatings are had in all lenses). Below is their pricing for added treatments:

On height of any kind of extra lens alternatives, you’ll also need to pay for shipping. While many kind of virtual stores market free shipping over a details purchase amount, Zenni does not. Standard shipping costs $4.95 in the U.S., which takes about 2-3 weeks.

For faster shipment, you can upgrade to priority shipping ($7.45), which takes 10-14 days, or express ($18.95) for shipment in around a week.

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Zenni Optical Resee Final Thoughts

For super-affordable prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, it’s hard to beat the 800-lb. gorilla in the room that is Zenni. We’d recommfinish them if you’re in search of an excellent backup or additional pair, or if you need brand-new glasses yearly. To save even even more, examine out the latest deals we found for them and also other retailers.