Better speak to Saul is the prequel to the award-winning collection Breaking Bad, collection six years before Saul Goodman came to be Walter White’s lawyer.

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As Jimmy looks for a new job, Gus vows revenge ~ above a rival drug boss. Mike schemes come legitimise his illegal injuniorg8.come.

EPISODE 2 • 46m


Something Beautiful

Gus forces Nacho to participate in his risky takeover of the Salamanca drug ring. Kim dives back into her project as Jimmy look at to make money by conspiring to steal a an useful Hummel figurine.

EPISODE 3 • 43m



Kim’s concerns around his reaction to his brother’s death prompt Jimmy to take a job. Gus drags Nacho deeper into his power play within the cartel.

EPISODE 4 • 47m


Quite A Ride

As Jimmy hatches a shady cell phone sales scheme, Kim is torn in between a big banking client and her part-time work-related as a windy defender. Mike groups with Gus to build an underground medicine lab.

EPISODE 5 • 53m



Kim considers acquisition a job to secure her and also Jimmy’s future as regulation partners. Jimmy looks come re-launch his burner phone service as job-related on Gus Fring’s meth lab gets underway.

EPISODE 6 • 48m

Something Stupid

As Kim’s brand-new job threatens to juniorg8.come between them, Jimmy remains focused on restoring their partnership. Gus oversees Hector’s recovery together Mike keeps his drug lab building and construction on track.

EPISODE 7 • 42m


Kim concocts an intricate scheme to keep Jimmy’s service partner out of jail. Mike (Jonathan Banks) works to save the medicine lab building a secret.

EPISODE 8 • 53m


Jimmy’s effort to gain back his regulation license exposes friction v Kim. Gus fends turn off the Salamanca family’s effort to maintain control of their drug business. Mike senses trouble v the drug lab project.

EPISODE 9 • 55m


As Jimmy resolves to obtain his regulation license back, his approaches raise red flags for Kim. Mike’s initiative to bring Werner ago to complete the lab draws scrutiny native the Salamancas.

EPISODE 10 • 61m

Starring three times golden Globe nominee Bob Odenkirk, much better Call Saul is the spin-off prequel come the all-time classic Breaking Bad.

Set in Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico; six years before the show’s illustrious predecessor; this darkly juniorg8.comic crime drama complies with the story that small-time lawyer James "Jimmy" mcgill (Odenkirk) and a collection extraordinary, and also often tragic, events that break his spirits and lead the to develop his dodgy lowlife scam artist alter-ego that we all love to hate.

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With the weljuniorg8.come return of fellow Breaking poor alumni Jonathan banks as hitman Mike Ehrmantraut and also malevolent chicken king Gus Fring played by Giancarlo Esposito, if you were addicted come the best television present ever made and want another fix, climate you far better watch Saul.

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