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5. Explore Ometepe Island
Spend her days hiking, kayaking or cycling around the island, spotting howler monkeys and also archeological ruins in the process. The 2 volcanoes below (Concepción and Maderas) offer strenuous 8-10 hour hikes. Guides room mandatory and cost $15 USD.

Other points to See and Do in Nicaragua

1. Hike Miraflores

Located near Esteli, Miraflores is residence to coffee farms, numerous bird species, and also the biggest orchid collection in the world, it’s simple to spend a couple of days hiking and hanging out. Admission is cost-free but ns strongly recommend gaining a guide to learn around the flora and fauna (525 NIO/$15 USD for a guide).

2. Explore Rio mountain Juan

This historical waterway is a exorbitant stopover because that nature enthusiasts looking come indulge in kayaking, fishing, and wildlife watching. Despite the surging in eco-tourism in the region, accommodation options are still no-frill and really low-key, through Wi-Fi and also phone coverage likewise being scarce. It’s the perfect location to disconnect. Full-day jungle tourism cost approximately 2,100 NIO ($60 USD).

3. Hike a volcano

Nicaragua has 19 volcanos (9 the which are active). The two peaks top top Ometepe––Concepcion and Maderas––are the two most well-known day hikes in the country. Concepcíon, towering in ~ 1,600m (5,249 feet) is a baking warm hike, so lug lots the sunblock and water. Maderas is easier yet muddier, with a lake in ~ the summit. Cerro black (near León) uses a comfortable sandy path from height to bottom. If you’re searching for scenic Insta-worthy views, hike come Telica (also within easy reach from León) for a spectacular sunset.

4. Relax at Lake Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo is a breathtaking human body of water the sits top top the Apoyo volcano crater 4km from Granada. This 200-meter-deep oasis is the perfect spot because that swimming, kayaking, fishing, sailing, or simply soaking up the view v a beer. Hostels offer day trips native Granada because that 280 NIO ($8 USD), which encompass a return shuttle and also include use of one more hostel’s facilities, kayaks, and also tubes ~ above the lagoon.

5. Visit a coffee plantation

Coffee is Nicaragua’s primary export, and Jinotega, the misty and mountainous north region, produces over 80% of the country’s output. Visit here to learn around the bean-to-brew process from neighborhood farmers. You can organize a coffee tour in any kind of of the eco-lodges/hostels dotted about the region. I an especially liked Eco Albergue La Fundadora, which readily available several excursions starting from 350 NIO ($10 USD) per person.

6. Relax at the Pearl Cays

The remote string that crescent-shaped playas that comprise the Pearl Cays (pronounced “keys”) sell the finest Caribbean beaches Nicaragua needs to offer. Because of climate change, this stunning repertoire of white islands space steadily diminishing in the crystalline waters i m sorry encircle them. There are at this time only 10 left, from the initial 18, and also the future that the remaining couple of are hanging in the balance. Accommodation on the island is at sight exclusive and also therefore really pricey. However, job trips by mutual speedboat can be quickly arranged. Private watercrafts start from approximately 7,000 NIO ($200 USD) and also fit as much as 10 people.

7. Visit the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve

Bosawas is the second-largest rainforest in the western Hemisphere and also is house to jaguars, tapirs, spider monkeys, and harpy eagles. A large chunk that the country’s bird population––600 the end of 790 species––are located here, making that the element spot because that wildlife and also bird watching. Multi-day trips, wherein you deserve to truly immerse you yourself in the wilderness, hike cloud forests, swimming in waterfalls, and meet Mayangna and also Miskito indigenous areas are very recommended. Intend to pay about 5,200 NIO ($150 USD) because that a multi-day tour.

8. Check out the Solentiname Archipelago

Isolated top top the southwest reminder of Lago de Nicaragua, the Solentiname Archipelago is a cluster of 36 archipelago revered for their pristine collections of primitive art, birdlife, and laid-back lifestyle. It’s ideal to base yourself in Mancarrón and organize job trips come other neighboring islands throughout her stay. It’s roughly a four-hour drive from Managua to san Carlos and then and then a 2-hour watercraft ride to the dock in Mancarrón. It will price you 420 NIO ($12 USD). There room no ATMs to be discovered on the islands, so bring plenty the cash.

9. Shop in ~ the Masaya Markets

Stock increase on rum, coffee, hammocks, and ceramics at the Masaya markets in Masaya national Park close to Managua. Barter your way through the markets and soak up the colorful atmosphere. While over there is a many tourist junk here, there are still many of artisanal handmade crafts together well. Barter hard and don’t be afraid to go away. Top top Thursdays, a weekly ‘Night of Revelry’ features timeless dancing, regional food, and music. The sector is just thirty minutes from Managua.

10. Visit the stone carving hermit

Near Esteli in the north you’ll discover Alberto the hermit. He’s been living in right here for almost 40 years, carving stone figures and also sculptures in the jungle. He is eccentric and also kind and also incredibly knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in the region. Stop by to watch his carvings and also learn about his life in the jungle. This is a video of my visit.

Nicaragua take trip Costs

Accommodation – little 6-8 bed dorms generally cost roughly 208-346 NIO ($6-$10 USD) every night, with private rooms costing between 519-1,730 NIO ($15-50 USD). Totally free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and also sometimes also a swimming pool room the norm.

For a 2 star hotel, you have the right to expect come pay between 1,400-2,600 NIO ($30-$75 USD) because that a twin room consisting of breakfast. You will do it have basic amenities such together Wi-Fi, A/C, a TV, and also sometimes a swimming pool.

Airbnb is obtainable on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast and also in Grenada and also Managua (there room no rentals on the Atlantic side). You deserve to score a an excellent beachfront residential or commercial property from 1,382-3,455 NIO ($40-100 USD) relying on group size and house style. Mean prices to double during high-season (December-April). For a private room, expect to pay at the very least 525 NIO ($15 USD) every night.

Food – Nicaraguans are much more accustomed to dining out for having lunch so travelers deserve to expect to see much less evening options obtainable in non-touristy spots.

Beans, rice, and meat space the backbone of most meals. Grilled chicken, pork, and also beef are common alternatives (especially because that street food). Gallo pinto (friend rice and beans) is the go-to breakfast and dinner meal, with an egg often being included for the breakfast option. A usual lunch, consumed in a comedor (local eatery serving legacy cuisine), or street stall costs between 69-173 NIO ($2-5 USD).

On the coast, seafood is the key staple so expect a many grilled fish. ~ above the Caribbean side, the cook is greatly influenced through Caribbean culture.

A enjoy the meal at a restaurant serving neighborhood cuisine costs approximately 345-520 NIO ($10-15 USD) because that a 3-course meal v a drink.

You’ll find much more international cook in the touristy towns and on the cost. Most worldwide food costs approximately 520-700 NIO ($15-20 USD) because that a meal. A huge pizza costs approximately 245-280 NIO ($7-8 USD).

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For quick food (think McDonald’s), expect to pay approximately 210 NIO ($6 USD) for a meal.

A domestic beer, coffee, soft drink, or bottle of water in a restaurant or bar will certainly cost roughly $1-2 USD.

If you’re buying a week’s precious of groceries, intend to pay between 700-1,050 NIO ($20-30 USD) if you stick to local produce and staples favor beans, rice, and meat.

Backpacking Nicaragua suggested Budgets

Budget travelers that stick to shared dorms, take mutual or self-guided excursions, bus travel, and also stick to eating street food can gain buy top top a budget plan of 1,050-1,230 NIO ($30-35 USD) every day.

On a mid-range spending plan of 2,635-3,500 NIO ($75-100 USD) every day, you have the right to stay in budget plan hotels or Airbnb’s, take part guided tours, visit some islands, eat the end for all your meals, and also drink as lot as friend want.

On a luxury budget plan of 8,100-10,500 NIO ($230-300 USD) every day, you deserve to stay in a beach-front villa or four-star hotel, take residential flights, eat the end at fine-dining restaurants, hire exclusive guides, carry out as plenty of excursions together you want (such as guided hikes or kayak tours), and also take taxis everywhere. At this budget, the sky is the limit!

You deserve to use the chart listed below to get some idea of just how much you need to spending plan daily, relying on your travel style. Every prices space in USD.