Bent Knee Hip advanced is a an excellent basic move. Once done correctly, that can properly target her core and waist.

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It needs no equipment to do.


how to do Bent Knee Hip progressive


The bending knee i know good rise motion is a perfect workout to target the abdominals and also for main point growth.

Start off lying ~ above your back with your arms outstretched on your hands.

Bend your legs at a 60 degree angle and also keep your foot high best off the surface.

Holding your earlier and shoulders flat, lift her legs up and also off the floor so the your hands are over your chest.

Extend the abs because that a second and then relocate to the starting spot.

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Repeat through as many reps and also sets together needed.

Illustrated Guide

Learn how to carry out bent knee i know well raise native this step-by-step illustrations:



Muscles Worked

The muscles used for bending knee hip progressive may readjust slightly based upon the her trained selection of motion and also technique, yet in the most general case, the muscles offered for bending knee hip raise are:

Primary Muscles


Synergyst Muscles


Frequently inquiry Questions

What muscles does bent Knee Hip raise work?
bending Knee i know well Raise functions abs.
What is bend Knee hip Raise great for?
bent Knee Hip advanced is valuable for conditioning and also to strengthen. It functions the best for core and also waist, as it works abs. Bend Knee Hip advanced is a an excellent bodyweight practice for men, guys over 50, women and also women end 50.
Is bending Knee Hip raise a an excellent exercise?
bend Knee Hip raise is a well-known bodyweight exercise for abs.

Training, Progressions and Regressions

Interested in exactly how to improve your bend Knee Hip advanced faster?

bending Knee Hip advanced Training and also Progressions

Standards and also Averages

Wonder how do others execute in bent Knee hip Raise and also how need to you?

bent Knee Hip advanced Standards and Averages


Wonder exactly how to work the same muscles with other exercises?

bending Knee hip Raise choices


Wonder just how to make Bent Knee Hip progressive either much easier or an ext challenging?

bending Knee Hip advanced Variations

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Type(s)Bodyweight, Calisthenic, Strength, Compound
Muscles WorkedAbdominals, Gluteus
Difficulty Level(s)Basic, Easy
EquipmentNo Equipment
LocationAt Gym, at Home, Outdoor
Major ExerciseHip Raise

Muscles Worked

Target muscle(s)Abs
Synergyst muscle(s)Glutes

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