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Okay. Ns noticed something yes, really interesting throughout the scene wherein Belle involves Maurice’s rescue: Monsieur D’Arque, the one in fee of the asylum, is the only one who’s attract a wig. And this acquired me thinking–where precisely does the asylum rank in respectable businesses?

There is one identify difference in between the residents of the castle and the villagers: v the exemption of Mrs. Potts and also Chip, all the citizens of the castle wear wigs. None of the villagers do. I don’t recognize the definite reason behind this (I make the efforts looking), yet I can make a guess.

I think that wigs were worn by world in high places, or by civilization of power. This might be as result of them gift expensive, or just because. This would describe the musicians’ wigs–they are incredibly well-known and probably an extremely rich. Ns think the servants wore them due to the fact that they to be in the presence of royalty and to some extent represented the royal family; they had to to the right in v the decor and beauty of the castle, whereby one thing out of place could result in the whole photo being ruined.

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Now come me, D’Arque is absolutely one the the villagers. In BatB 1991, he operation the town asylum and doesn’t precisely look favor the most respectable the men. And his gibbs is the same male who voiced Frollo in Hunchback


From this, ns conclude that:

The asylum is a lot farther away than it is in the 1991 version; D’Arque might not even hail from Villeneuve if he demands to pertained to them rather than they concerned him.The asylum has actually a lot more money 보다 your average madhouse (or, it wants to show up that way).Because that this, D’Arque chooses to do a an excellent impression on…the human being he’s carting turn off to the asylum, i guess.

But there’s one point that still provides me question precisely how respectable this entirety asylum is, and also it’s a line from Gaston:“Ever see the within of a madhouse, Maurice? you wouldn’t critical a week.”

Gaston is completely aware the the horrors the go on behind those closeup of the door doors. I understand for a fact that ago then, asylums weren’t specifically places where“troubled minds” can heal. They to be terrifying. So maybe the real reason behind D’Arque’s figure is the entirety “making people think things are going to it is in alright when they’re yes, really not” shtick.

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I don’t know. Ns guess ns just discovered it to be really exciting that this man, well-known for his disastrous position and also treatment that “madmen”seems to it is in in a higher position the respect/power 보다 Gaston, who’s been called a war hero.

batb2017 monsieur d'arque not lot talk roughly this man but i noticed this and was curious probably he just cares about his appearance a lot of idk I simply hope this made feeling