We started with Pinang questioning Phil why he to be leaving eggsin she duck pen. Phil stated that he had actually too numerous of them and did not know whatto do with them.

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Pinang said him that she would pay him because that the eggs that heleft there due to the fact that he must not be providing them come her. Phil agreed and also thenasked Pinang if they can go ago to being friends. Pinang nodded and wentinside to obtain the money.
Later that morning,Marcy request Pinang that she had been talking to earlier and also Pinang told her thatit was Phil and also she had uncovered out the he to be the one who had been leaving duckeggs while all along she thought that her ducks were really healthy.
Marcy told Emil around the incident and he told she thatmaybe Phil just wanted to aid Pinang so the she would not need to buy eggsfor she custard desserts. Marcy claimed that Phil can be courting her yet Emilsaid the he was not worried since Pinang did not welcome any suitors. Mackieheard them and also he was no happy come hear the Phil was gaining slick through hissister. He talked to the guys that Phil functioned with and also asked them come prankhim.
The guys taught Phil a song to entertain the ducks yet oneof the duck escaped when Phil was performing. He went after it and also it wentinto Pinang’s house. Pinang discovered him there and he made her laugh when he sangthe track to the duck. He to be able to catch the duck and also leave the residence andPinang to be laughing out loudly. Mackie was irritated due to the fact that Pinang lookedhappy being with Phil but Pinang claimed that there was a distinction betweenlaughing and being happy.
The adhering to morning, Phil ran into Pinang together she waswaiting for a tricycle and also he said her the he would certainly be selling his very first batchof eggs the day. Pinang did no pay attention to him and when she finally gota ride, Phil stated that nothing had readjusted from the very first time lock met; shestill looked beautiful. Pinang acquired flustered and hurriedly got in her tricycle.
After that, Phil accumulated the eggs from the duck pen andEmil verified him exactly how to great the eggs according come size. Emil asked Phil if hisbusiness in Singapore to be okay due to the fact that he was continuing to be there and also Phil described tohim that as long as he had his laptop and a great connection, he could still runhis business.
Pinang visited the city through Nars and Miggy to have actually herpassport details taken. She asked them come send it to her when it was prepared andMiggy told her the her family might find out around her to plan to go abroad.Pinang stated that she can not continue lying to them and also she would have actually totell castle the reality once they found out.
As they were going home, Pinang pretended to be sleep andshe listened to Miggy and Nars talking about Phil. Nars was informing Miggy notto be as well infatuated through Phil because it was clear he to be interested in Pinang becauseof all the effort he put in pleasing her. Miggy stated it was not true because Pinangdid not like him.
Phil visited the industry with the egg he built up and hemanaged to market all his eggs and gain alot of brand-new customers. That ran into the little boy who normally bought the broomsticks native Grandpa Apo and he helped him sell his stock. The young talked toPhil about how tough his mother operated to take care of him because his fatherleft them. A rose merchant sold them part roses and Phil bought every one of them. He gavethem to the boy and also asked that to take them come his mother yet the boy took onlythree. He asked Phil to offer the rest to his mother too but Phil told himthat his mother was far away. He then said that Phil provide them to hisgirlfriend.
The workers likewise sold the egg they had brought and also they sawPhil smelling the roses he had bought. They instantly concluded the Philbought them for Pinang.

Pinang changed from the city with Nars and also Miggy and theywent to Pinang’s ar to testimonial for your bar exams that were drawing near.When they got to the hut, there to be flowers and a note and it to be for Pinang. Thenote asked she to it is in happy and also not to worry too much. Vincent arrived because that thestudy session but he denied having actually left the flower there.
Emil to be briefing the guys around their new harvest seasonwhen they saw Pinang and also they all went to tell her that Phil to be the one wholeft the flowers due to the fact that they had seen Phil with them in ~ the market.
Pinang accumulated all the roses and also stormed out; Nars and Miggyin tow. They saw Dahlia’s house and Nars texted Phil to go outside. OncePhil was outside, Pinang handed ago the flowers and also told him the he to be notinterested and that she was happy taking treatment of she family. Phil tried to tellher that he was not the one that left the flowers but Pinang said him come stoplying. Mum Dahlia went the end of the residence to greet them and she showed off theflowers that Phil had actually bought because that her. Phil provided her the flower to give thanks to herfor providing him a home and taking treatment of him. She had actually told him that it wasnecessary and also that she could have provided the flowers to Pinang yet Phil said herthat the did not desire to do the instance with Pinang’s household uncomfortable.
Pinang was thoroughly embarrassed and Miggy who had felt badearlier to be happy to recognize that the was not Phil that left the flowers. Pinangapologized come Phil and also was around to operation off however Phil quit her and gave herthe flowers back.
Pinang did not study once they got back home and went tobury she embarrassment in bed. She yet had to define to her parents thatit was a misunderstanding and also Phil did no leave the flowers. Miggy additionally wenthome and Nars was left examining with Vincent. Nars was persuaded that Vincentwas the one who left the flowers but he ongoing to deny it. He however askedNars what sort of flower Pinang liked and also Nars claimed that she favored sunflowers.
In the morning, Phil gathered up Pinang’s household to explainto them that it to be a misunderstanding and Pinang said that she already toldthem. She hurriedly dismissed him since she to be still embarrassed.
As Pinang was driving out to take her Custard desserts to DeLuna’s she called Emil she to be leaving. He waved her great bye and Phil walk thesame as he was helping Emil with something. Emil watched Phil and after Pinangwas gone, that told Phil the he could smile and wave in ~ the girl in the townbut not Pinang.
As Mackie to be heading the end to deliver his mother’s lunches,Lotlot called and asked him what he would certainly be doing every day. Mackie claimed he hadto provide food for his mom then inspect his email to see if he had anyreplies to the work he had used to. Lotlot gained mad since he had actually forgottensomething and also hang up on him. Mackie lastly remembered that it was theiranniversary and tried come call back but Lotlot cave up again!
Mackie add his mommy to school and he told she thathe had forgotten their anniversary. Marcy told the to make it as much as her andoffered to offer him some money because that him to perform something because that Lotlot but Mackierefused to expropriate it.
The head teacher at Marcy’s college noticed that a lot of ofpeople chosen her food for this reason she available to provide Marcy a stall there rent free. Shehowever had actually to offer 10% of the revenue to the school and Marcy said that shewould think about it.
Pinang to be preparing to go to the hospital when she heardMackie talk to Lotlot on the phone but she hang up on him again. Emil heardit too and forcefully offered Mackie some money to perform something nice because that Lotlot.Mackie felt embarrassed but Emil inquiry him not to be because he usually spentall his salary on them.
When Pinang arrived at the hospital, she said Nars and also Miggyabout Mackie’s situation and also she felt bad because she knew Mackie would certainly notaccept any type of money native her. Someone yielded sunflowers because that her and also Pinang washappy to receive them. She rushed out of there and also went come Lotlot’s house. Shecalled Mackie and also he stated he was going to watch Lotlot therefore Pinang to reduce theflowers on the gate and hid.

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Phil was riding ago home after selling all his eggs fromthe sector when he experienced Pinang. He acquired off his bike and also hid behind a car to seewhat she to be up to.
When Mackie arrived, that was puzzled to check out the flower andpicked lock up. Lotlot to be delighted to see him with flowers once she openedthe gate and Mackie embraced the hug she gave him feather confused yet he sawPinang and also she offered him a thumbs up. Mackie realized the it to be Pinang who hadleft the flowers there. He smiled in ~ her as he hugged Lotlot earlier and we endedas Phil watched the scene…
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