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Basketball is a(n) __________ activity. Beginning a vigorous and intense exercise program is recommended for those through obesity. Because that those v health concerns regular practice is not generally recommended. Practice is important for human being with arthritis since it boosts muscle and bone strength. Basketball is a(n) __________ activity . Thu might 22 2014 · Basketball is a(n) _____ task . A. Unstructured competitive and group B. Unstructured recreational and solo C. Structured recreational and also group D ... Basketball is a D) "structured competitive and also a group" activity . Explanation: prior to everything we require to understand the categories: Unstructured/ structured category means if basketball together an activity has a rule system a time in i beg your pardon it exist a determined an are to be played or not. Begin studying activity Selection. Find out vocabulary terms and much more with flashcards games and also other research tools. Search. ... Interval maintain is one exercise regimen that intersperses intense physical task with periods of rest. True. Basketball is a(n) _____ task . Structured competitive and group. Tennis is classified together an ... Basketball is a(n) _____ task . A. Unstructured competitive and also group b . Unstructured recreationa… gain the answers you need now! Wed january 07 2015 · w i n d o w ns a n e windowpane is the live-streaming society network that transforms your ...


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