Today I had to take my husband come the airport. Round trip we were in the car around an hour. She cried the entire way home and also when I obtained home and took her out of the automobile seat i noticed she was sweating so lot her earlier was wet. She hands and also feet to be cold. Ns took she onesie off and also got a wet rag to cool her down. Ns felt horrible. The AC to be on in the car, too. Any kind of advice on just how you save your LO cool in the car?

I have actually noticed the my daughter gets very hot and sweaty when she"s upset. Ns don"t understand that what you skilled was specific to the vehicle seat, probably simply the reality that baby was uncomfortable for that amount of time. It sucks, yet I think it"s just one of those things. You necessary to go, and also your baby essential to be safe in the auto seat. Part sweat and also tears as a repercussion are awful,but come me they are an acceptable price to pay because that safety. Sorry i don"t have actually something more comforting come say! but I don"t think you might have excellent anything different.

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I put the canopy thing down to shot and help circulate air to infant girl due to the fact that I i found it the very same thing. It"s helped a little. I blast the AC so I end up cold however she"s finally comfortable.

I i found it this too! except my baby also sweaty as soon as in auto seat attached come stroller so maybe it is the crying that provides him really upset. I had to change him indigenous clothes and also do a little sponge bath to cool the down. I"m thinking of feather at some of those soft stroller fans

Noggle extend Your Air conditioning or warm to Your children (6ft - black Ice)

I noticed this the other day once it to be hot and also she to be mad in the car. My LO does operation a tiny warmer favor her dad and does sweat once she gets worked up however I did look up her automobile seat and also they have a car seat cover that is supposed to store baby cool in summer and warm in winter. Not certain what kind of car seat friend have yet may desire to look into it. We have actually the peg perego.

Clima cover!

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Clima Cover, White

This just happened today to mine LO. He began out yes then began crying bloody killing in the car. Once I take it him the end his back was yes, really hot and sweaty. Ns felt so badly for the guy since there was nothing I might do. Walk anyone have something that works that will store him cool in these hot summer months?

There"s something referred to as a Noggle (Google baby Noggle) that directs cold air from the prior seat straight to the auto seat to keep baby an ext comfortable. It"s to be a lifesaver!



I really need a mom right now, it feels like. It"s lonely experiencing something like this, particularly with no household or friends. I"m 19 and also I moved away indigenous my residence at the begin of the year, and also I don"t have anyone to speak to around this. My...
This has actually been bothering me because it happened. The other day i went somewhere and there to be a family of 4. The 3 older children were running about but there to be a baby couldn’t have actually been more than a week old. First thing i noticed is that the kids...
Hi moms (and dads!)- anyone else’s infant seem to acquire hot in the vehicle seat? We have a chicco an essential fit 30, which we love, and our girl appears to obtain hot in there in spite of the ac being on. For instance, we just drove 20 mins, and also when we obtained home her...

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