Discover about the Mexican mythical world

Mythological creatures are part of our ancestor’s history

Mexico is a land also full of mysteries and also legends dating earlier to our ancestors. Pre-Hispanic cultures worshipped gods seeking a solution to natural calamities and also unexplained events. From them, specific excellent beings arised. With time, they have been incorporated via brand-new features due to the social mix our nation has skilled. People who case to be witnesses of their visibility have caused a increase of supernatural creatures.

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Each great creature is part of the Mexideserve to folklore so varied, curious and also enigmatic. Below, I will tell you about the 10 major mythical creatures of México.


Alux or alux’Ob originates from the maya culture that arisen in Mexico, Guatemala and also Belize in which they were thought about nature caretakers. According to legends, they were tiny beings older than the sunlight. They are pertained to elves in their physical likeness since their size is that of a tiny being via a mischievous character and also with indigenous traits. Representations of them have the right to be found in Chiapas at Yaxchilán and Nohoch mul, Quintana Roo in Coba.


They were created by the maya wise males, also called shamans. A routine was percreated that had making use of virgin clay extracted from a cave via which the creature was molded along with nine drops of the blood of the creature´s owner. This was intended to develop a link between master and also servant. It was the owner’s obligation to make altars via offerings for his alux. These generally consisted of corn, pozole or local grains. In rerotate, the alux took treatment of the land, plants, and animals of thieves by throwing stones, making them stumble or whistling. This duration of treatment had to last seven years.

Throughout this time, the being might make mischief, appear in the shadows and also readjust the location of things as a authorize of fidelity to their understand, yet when the seven year term is fulfilled, the owner hregarding build a tiny house for them, leaving them trapped so they don’t lose regulate. When their owner dies, they are under the protection of the maize god Yum-Kaax, that grants them permission to take care of the land as well as the nature that lives tright here in the very same means they take treatment of the subterranean people referred to as Xibalbá.

Tright here are presently many kind of legends in southeastern Mexico, in which witnesses mention falling bridges, organic tragedies, or diseases developing once invading a land without asking permission or making an giving to these beings.

That is why, if you visit the Mexican Caribbean you might come throughout small buildings of tiny pyramids close to some structures. You might watch one near the Cancun-Nizuc bridge which had actually many type of difficulties while being developed until the little pyramid was available so that the guardian could allow the bridge to lug on being built.

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2. Dzulúm

This creature has actually two inquisitive stories in 2 various areas of México; in Yucatán, tright here is a story about the dzulúm that bears the name Balam,Mayan word for jaguar. In this story, we’re told that this being’s purpose is to take treatment of the land and plants. Its appearance is that of a guy via an extremely long beard, as an older male. Tbelow are 4 of them according to the cardinal points, each protecting their matching properties.


In Chiapas, the name of the creature is that of the dzulúm which suggests the desire to die, differing from Yucatan’s heritage, in Chiapas, it is shelp that this going out to defend its dominions at night, that even various other felines offer it food because they are afrassist of it. It is shelp that we don’t deserve to watch its number. The few that have actually regulated to see it or imagine him explain him as a really large feline via grey hair, spots, and white hair on its spine.

Its victims are generally womales, so it is believed that it have the right to have actually an irresistible attractivity and also it is also shelp that many kind of make a pact with the creature to become witches and leave their souls behind. Today, many point out that it is the representation of self-destruction in ancient times.

3. Nahual

The nahual has actually its origin in the Nahuatl language, meaning concealed disguise. It is a creature that have the right to transdevelop into an pet. Often defined as a sorcerer that have the right to transdevelop for the practice of witchcraft.


Traditions say that we are all born with an pet heart that protects and guides us, so the nahual looks for to end up being them to enhance their capabilities. Those who were born through the heart of the hawk possessed the gift of great sight, wolves possessed the gift of an progressed feeling of smell, so those that had actually the possibility to be nahuales provided their skills for their purposes, regardmuch less of whether they were for great or evil.

The story of the nahual is full of mysteries, as some case that they are beings that look for to understand also the ancient civilization of the gods through nature and also those that accusage them of being evil creatures.

4. Ahuízotl

The ahuizotl is a being that occupied the Texcoco lake so it is thought to be currently extinct. It was a creature via tiny ears, a long tail that resembled that of a monkey’s hand, cregulations and sharp teeth via the appearance of a really shaped dog. The translation of its name would be “the thorny water”.


Legend has actually it that this was a being at the disposal of the rain gods which had the task of reclaiming the bodies of those liked by the magnificent beings to possess their heart. In order to carry out this, the creature occasionally imitated the sound of a baby to have the ability to lure prey and also in that immediate took amethod their eyes, nails and teeth, then they were drowned so that the priests would have to treat the perchild via extreme treatment for their bodies as they had currently been chosen by the gods.

This being commonly captured anglers by whirling in the water and sprouting fish and frogs.

5. Atotolin

The atotolin is well-known as the bird king of Aztec culture. It is a creature also recognized as a water hen. Its appearance was rather yellow, via a slender body and big head.


The hunting of this bird was very difficult; if on the fourth day they might not reach it, it would launch a song through strong winds that would sink canoes and sheight the heart of the hunters or drvery own them.

If they were able to hunt it, at the minute of opening the stomach of the creature, one can know the fate of the hunter, if he discovered a item of coal, it was said that the hunter would certainly have an early death while if he found a valuable rock, it foretold an excellent future.

6. Chaneque

The chaneques are creatures that come from the Mexicas. Their name has actually 2 translations: the initially is those who live in dangerous areas. The second is the owners of the home. Their appearance could change from a tiny guy or womale, their footprints were white.

It was thought that they were beings linked to the undercivilization, dedicated to taking treatment of the mountains, woodlands, springs, trees, plants and wild pets and also possessed a mischievous and ingenious character.

Sometimes they stole an essential part of their heart, called tonalli, which was important life energy, so they had actually to perform rituals to rerotate it, otherwise, the perchild can fail. One of the ideas sassist you must wear your apparel inside out while walking via the mountains so that the Chaneques wouldn’t bother you.

Nowadays the chaneques are known as tiny beings via the appearance of kids who make jokes, hide things from you and also can also lead civilization into obtaining shed.

7. Cipactli

The cipactli is part of Aztec mythology. Its name deserve to be interpreted to “the babsence lizard”. It was a voracious creature often viewed as fifty percent fish or crocodile, or another creature. This being is constantly hungry and has actually 18 mouths. Legend has it that Tezcatlipoca had to usage his foot as bait to entice him. The gods provided the body of this creature to create heaven and earth.

In the aztec calendar, it was offered the name of the first month to reexisting that we are all primitive at the beginning of life however as we grow we transcreate right into somepoint beautiful, so the last month of the aztec calendar is referred to as Xochitl which suggests freduced.

8. Dtundtuncan

It is a supernatural Maya creature whose name has the Spanish meaning of “the one who goes with the sky”. Its appearance is that of a blackbird via a really large beak, it has actually no eyes and looks favor a shell bereason it appears to have no soul.

It is also much feared because it feeds on the kids at night, furrows the skies until they are asleep and enters their rooms, wright here it ideologies the mouths of the infants, to blow right into their mouths a wind of death, its mere presence is an omen of death. For a lengthy time, it was shelp that it lived near the pyramids of Uxmal and also Chichén Itzá, however because of the passage of time, it is said that it got in the jungles.

Legfinish has actually it that as soon as, tbelow was a Maya shaman who dedicated himself to the healing and also care of children and also maidens of the place wbelow he lived. One day, while searching for medicinal herbs, he dropped in love with a maiden to whom he sang, wrote poems and offered all his heart, however the woguy did not respond to his affections. The shaguy then shelp that he would certainly take his revenge for the humiliation he experienced.

A lengthy time passed, the maiden came to be pregnant via the boy of the heir to the throne and also gave birth to a beautiful baby who would be the future of all the people, however tragedy filled this story when, in August, as soon as the temperatures are warmer and the flowers start to bear fruit, a male gone into the infant’s quarters, he approached the ear singing a melodious and harmonious song that led the son to death. All the human being witnessed exactly how the flame of the future was extinguiburned, then other shamans and also wise men cursed the shaman turning him into a soulmuch less bird, destined to have a beautiful song but full of evil and death.

9. Tlahuelpuchi

The tlatlepuchi or tlahuelpuchi means “light perfumer”. It is a well-known creature in many kind of regions of Mexico, being the primary Tlaxcala. It is shelp to be a womale that likes to feed on blood and also have actually telepathic powers.

Tbelow are many type of stories about its beginning, some point out that it is the mixture between a sorceress and also vampire, others that it is a kind of witch via the ability to rotate into steam. It is said that its favourite food is the blood of tiny animals although it can additionally be of bigger animals. Others say tright here are additionally guys called tlahuelpiches.

The legend comes through the Aztecs who associated them via fireflies that spitfire, however to them, they were protective creatures transdeveloped right into evil via the arrival of miscegecountry where it is thought that they were normal women who experienced some curse.

Folklore calls them witches despite some distinctions because the tlatepuchi have the right to be either alone or living among us without attacking their family members. It is said that their power comes since they reach youth.

Nowadays, many kind of testimonies claim to view lights in the sky go amethod, so you need to be extremely careful at night bereason if you run into one you could end up being tlatepuchi.

In Mexico, these superstitions still exist. When there’s a newborn son at house, some households put scissors under the cribs of their babies because the tlatepuchi hates metals. This has actually been such a famous legend that there is a song called “la bruja” that has been percreated by Mexican singers like Eugenia Leon and also Lila downs.

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10. Chupacabras

The chupacabras is well-known as an metropolitan legfinish that comes from various areas of Latin America, mainly Mexico and Puerto Rico. Described as a being that attacks multiple livestock animals, its appearance is that of a wild dog through lengthy nails and fangs which sometimes has scales or wings depending on the situation. Its elevation is around 2 meters and it has actually some similarity in body composition through the werewolf.

The are afraid arose once cattle were bitten and woke up via no map of blood in their organs. This happened in the body of cows, lamb, and also goats which seemed to be their favourite. It was feared that possibly it can reason damage to human beings. The creature left bites in the create of an inverted triangle. During the year 1996, 30 lamb showed up dead in Mexico, this began to create metropolitan legends that probably tbelow was an alien or a bat that was part of an experiment that went wrong.

Although tright here were never concrete answers to the cases at that time, two points were made incredibly clear, the first is that the bats that live in Mexico are vegetarians and also their diet is based on fruits, hence, the idea of this being the answer was discarded. The second, is perhaps that it was just some mangy pet that was in the area and that the media transformed the story.

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The popularity of this being is known by many citizens as a probable vampire that has not disshowed up. It can be heard in songs and also gave climb to an expression of a political nature. Today, after a lot study, the experts point out that they may have actually been coyotes that live in the areas of Sonora and also Puebla.

What was your favourite creature?Did you understand any type of of them?

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